First Bad Beat of the WSOP

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008, 2:33 pm

After my Dad drove me to the airport and I made it through security I had a nice breakfast and headed for my gate. To wait, for about an hour and a half. I hadn’t been to bed, the adrenaline rush of starting the journey had worn off and I got severe head-bobs as I surfed the web. But no biggie, I’d just sleep on the flight. I’d grab three hours of shuteye and arrive in Vegas refreshed.


When I boarded all the overhead bins around my seat were packed, so I stuffed my laptop/camera bag under the seat, which meant I couldn’t stretch out my legs. I was also in Seat 8A, which is right in front of the emergency exits and according to FAA regulations (this was printed above the window) my seat could not be reclined. Not so much as a millimeter. So I had to sit bolt upright, feet on the floor, for the better part of four and a half hours. I didn’t help that the overbearing mugginess blanketing Pittsburgh penetrated the cabin and I felt sweaty and hot the whole flight. What sleep I snatched was uneasy at best.

But the time passed and the captain got on the intercom to point out various geologic structures we were flying over. Didn’t see the full majesty of the Grand Canyon this time around but it was still spectacular scenery. At one point we were banking over Lake Mead, and I took this picture to illustrate how much I don’t like banking. Too much bank, too much bank:

As we came in for landing it seemed to me that we were banking toward the runway. That is, we weren’t flying level and gliding in–we were turning, turning, turning as we made our approach. And so as we touched down my nerves were at DefCon 5 because I thought the wings weren’t level. I don’t know how my eyes were tricked in that way, but they were, and I did not have a good time during our final descent. It also didn’t help that I was sitting on the left side of the plane and the Strip was to our right, meaning I couldn’t see or get any shots as we landed. First bad beat.

Fortunately it would be the last, for the most part. Garry was picking me up at the airport and I waited, and waited, and waited for my bag. Which didn’t appear. I was growling and cursing at what might’ve been a really bad way to kick off a seven-week trip, but just when things looked their darkest my suitcase finally rolled out. I think it was the last piece of luggage off the plane. Garry picked me up and we headed for Manhattan Las Vegas, the condo complex where Matt Wehne and I will live till mid-July. It’s like, nice. Really nice. The pool isn’t finished yet (they sprayed the plaster this morning) but what with it’s 11-foot ceilings and leather furniture and flat-screen plasma and granite kitchen counters and a bathroom big enough to racquetball in…it will do.

Once Matt arrived we walked around the complex to see what there was to see, and then a different Matt (who worked for PokerNews last year and lives in Vegas) picked us up and we went to the Orleans so they could play some Omaha Hi-Lo. We grabbed a bite at TGIF Fridays (I had a Chicken Jalapeno Popper sandwich, which was…different) then headed for the poker room. There was no way I could play Omaha Hi-Lo at my operating level so I sat down at a cozy $2-4 Limit table and donked it up while watching the 2007 WSOP final table on TV. MattW ended up playing at our table after some Omaha and I took down a tidy pot when I flopped a set of nines on a 7-8-9 board and he held 10-10. I boated up on the turn and took that pot DOWN. The very next pot I did something that made me very proud–I bluffed 3 people out of a pot in $2/4 Limit. I had 4-5 off, the board totally missed me, but when it was checked around on the turn an Ace fell on the river and I led out. Everyone folded and I showed down my bluff to establish dominance over the herd. There was a guy in a Yankees cap (natch) trying to run over the table and moaning that people were catching cards on him…Matt and I both agreed that he didn’t know quite as much as he thought he did. Which stands to reason, as he was playing $2/4 at the Orleans.

Went home, went to bed, woke up. Today there’s nothing on the schedule so we’ll see where events take us. We’d like to go grocery shopping but there isn’t a place within walking distance, so looks like we’ll be renting a car. I need to watch the Pens game tonight, maybe try to meet up with some folks later in the evening. This is the calm before the storm, might as well enjoy it.

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5 Responses to “First Bad Beat of the WSOP”

  1. iggy Says:

    damn, nice digs!

  2. F-Train Says:

    Ah, good to see you’re here! We can catch up tomorrow.

  3. AgSweep Says:

    Didn’t you mean the Red Wings game?

  4. AgSweep Says:

    gg, glad the pens finally decided to come out and play. Now tie it up and let’s make this a series to remember.

  5. Says:

    Bad beats seem to happen more frequently on the internet but this is mostly a function of playing 2-3 times as many hands in the same period of time. First of all, most of the players are newbies, playing bad hands and hoping to get very lucky.

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