Prepping For Vegas

Sunday, May 25th, 2008, 8:28 pm

Last year during the WSOP I played a fair bit of video poker, and not because I’m some borderline degenerate gambler. No, I’m a borderline degenerate alcoholic, and playing video poker up at the Rio sports book meant I got to drink for free while I nursed the bill I fed the machine and watched the ballgame. A harmless enough way to pass the time.

But if I’m gonna play a negative EV game I should make sure I’m leveling the playing field as much as possible. I printed out a sheet showing how to play optimal video poker and the site even had a simulator you could play. I guess I’m not a degenerate gambler because I grew bored after about three hands (I have free beer in the fridge and the race is on my TV) but before I quit, this happened:

Yup, dem’s quads, bitches. The first of the Series. I didn’t win any money, that’s true, but it’s good to know that I still have the Touch.

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2 Responses to “Prepping For Vegas”

  1. AgSweep Says:

    It also helps to know where the best machines are. Try

  2. change100 Says:

    I have NEVER hit quads on video poker. Ever! I am SO due this summer.

    Seeya in a few days!

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