Somewhere Over The (Expletive Deleted) Rainbow

Monday, May 19th, 2008, 5:05 pm

After the Pens disposed of the Flyers yesterday I ran to a local sporting goods store, because Geno needs a new pair of shoes. I got there about 30 minutes after the game was over and they already had tables stacked high wtih Conference Champion T-shirts and hats. Of course I didn’t even think of picking up a shirt–just as Sidney Crosby refrained from touching the Prince of Wales trophy, I passed on picking up any memorabilia. That ain’t the T-shirt I’m interested in, just as the Prince of Wales trophy ain’t the one the Pens want. We all want the Cup. From what I read none of the Penguins even wore their conference champions hats on the ice. Their eyes are on the big prize, as they should be.

So I found a pair of shoes that fit and headed home. It’d just finished raining and as I drove home a brilliant sun broke through the clouds. "Wonder if I’ll see a rainbow…" I said, and I turned a corner and, bam, there it was. It was the most perfect, vivid rainbow I’ve ever seen–the colors were exceptionally sharp and deep, and as I drove you could actually see the entire rainbow, from start to finish, two pots of gold bracketing the road.

Of course I didn’t have my camera with me. Not even my little one. And as I had a cop right in front of me I couldn’t rush home before it disappeared. For some reason it was EXTREMELY important that I take some pictures of this goddam rainbow, I guess to rebuild my shattered confidence after the wedding on Saturday. I pulled into my parking lot and it was still there, and from the road I’d have an almost perfect angle at the whole thing.

Ran upstairs, body-blocked Ernie as he tried to scoot past me into the vestible, grabbed my camera and ran back out. I jogged back to the road and, you guessed it, it was gone. Gone, gone, gone, not so much as a sliver of indigo in the sky. I’d never sworn at a rainbow before but I that yesterday. Wasn’t really satisfying.

I’ve been going through the wedding shots and I actually found quite a few that are at least salvagable. Some are probably quite fine, but when you’re a self-loathing perfectionist honest appraisals of your work aren’t easy. But there was one picture that I absolutely loved. I was trying a few tricks as I shot, messing with exposure times and whatnot. My attempts were mostly in vain, but I took a few shots where I clicked the shutter and then zoomed in or out a bit, hoping to get some freaky effects. I think this picture qualifies as "freaky":

It’s not the distortion or the harsh multicolored light. It’s the guy in the foreground who looks like he’s trapped in some acid-drenched nightmare. Which isn’t too far from the reality of the situation–yes, everyone was doing the Macarena. I thought this pic would be great as a the back cover of some New Wave album…which really isn’t the mood you want to convey in wedding photographs.

Ah well. I have a whole week to get my photographic act together before the WSOP. Alas, I won’t get my physical act together by then–my friend Mark took some pics of me dancing with the bride and I look AWFUL. When did I get THAT fat? Blech. Best that I stay on this side of the camera.

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2 Responses to “Somewhere Over The (Expletive Deleted) Rainbow”

  1. KenP Says:

    Well, the wedding photo almost provided a rainbow…

    I remember in the long conversation that led up to the camera that a wedding photographer approved that selection and the lens proposed. I guess you’re on your own getting to the next step.

    Concerning the self-loathing perfectionist tag: I had an Uncle who loved to say, “Perfection is obtained only by hard study and constant practice.” Annoying guy.

    You might want to run down to Charlotte and see if Falstaff will do a tutorial on lighting … or poker … your choice … 🙂

  2. John Glenn Says:

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