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Friday, May 16th, 2008, 2:46 pm

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m in the middle of a long one and it’s giving me problems. Can’t quite get it right, one of those deals.

A couple of years ago I asked my readers for advice on buying a laptop and yinz didn’t steer me wrong. This time around I’m looking to get some kind of smart phone. I want something I can use to check my email, surf the web, and even use as a modem when I can’t get a WiFi connection. My plan is with Verizon so the iPhone is out. And no, I’m not gonna try to hack the thing so I can use it on my network. That’d be like asking an orangutan to fly an F-16.

I like the BlackBerries, except that the ones I saw don’t have a touch-screen. It’s all done with a little rollerball, which might be OK. Anyone have a particular model or brand they love? I might wait until after I get back from Vegas, but if I find something that really catches my fancy I might make the kill.

Nothing like tapping into some collective intelligence to guide you through life. Otis likes ECCO shoes, I bought a pair and they’re both stylish and comfortable. Spaceman buys a laptop bag, I’m in the market for such a bag, I read his post and after doing some research order one of my own. It holds my laptop AND my camera, meaning I only need to bring one bag to the World Series. And it looks great hanging at my side.

I’ll be taking the bag, with camera safely tucked within, as I attend a friends’ wedding tomorrow. I’m not the offical photographer, goodness no, but hopefully I’ll be able to record a few good shots of the happy day. And it’s going to be a LONG happy day. I live in Hampton. The wedding is in Moon, near where I used to work a million years ago. The reception is in…Natrona Heights. The reason for this is that they were going to have the reception at a place on the Boardwalk but that entire complex is now shuttered. After the wedding the newlyweds want us to join them for drinks down on the North Shore, which is where their hotel is.

If you’re not from Pittsburgh none of this will register. So let me put it in different terms..let’s say you live the MGM Grand. The wedding would be at the Sahara. And you have to walk. The reception is at, oh, Silverton–again, you have to get there on foot. And then you’re all meeting for drinks at the Bellagio. The trip from wedding to reception is gonna be like 90 minutes. And that’s assuming that the blasting they’re doing on Route 28 (they’re dealing with a landslide problem) doesn’t screw things up worse.

There’s a Pittsburgh Blogger meeting tonight at 5:30 and I actually plan on attending for the first time in about 6 months. It’s down at FInnegan’s Wake…which is where the bride and groom will be meeting folks tomorrow night. The odds I drink there two days in a row are, I have to say, not too good.

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5 Responses to “This Worked Before…”

  1. donkeypuncher Says:

    Damn you guys. I’m in the market for a laptop bag that will fit my digital SLR as well.

  2. Otis Says:

    Damn you guys. I’m in the market for a laptop bag that will fit my digital SLR as well.–Ditto

    As for Blackberry. I’ve had my Pearl for a year and love it. You get used to he rollerball very quickly.

  3. Scott Says:

    Me, I loves me my Treo 755p, running the Palm OS. The Palm OS is getting pretty shaggy, but since I’ve been using it for like 12 years now, it’ll have to be outright killed before I go learn another one. You can get it on Verizon. And I do all of that stuff you way you want to do – email, web, modem + gmail, gmaps, gdocs, gsites, gyomama – plus it’s a touch-screen. If you’re a big corporate-type, you might like WinMobile better, but I never could stand it for very long.

  4. Jason Says:

    I’ve got an older Blackberry that has served me well, but it’s old so all I can really say is that RIM makes good products.

    And Rachel got a bag from Waterfield, too – and she loves it. Highly recommended, those of you who are thinking about going with them.

  5. Falstaff Says:

    I have the Blackberry curve and love it. The little ball thing isn’t bad, and the mail features rock. I like the curve over the pearl because of the full-size keyboard.

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