I Woke Up For This?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, 9:00 am

It’s snowing.

Today’s April 30th (pay the rent!) and I looked out the window and there are a few fluttering flakes falling fast and free…OK, that’s too much forced alliteration this early in the morning. Haven’t had breakfast yet. And the snow just stopped anyway.

Yesterday I booked my flight to Vegas for the WSOP. I feel like I just got BACK from the World Series. Now I gotta do this all over again? Must be crazy.

Bluff Magazine posted their 2008 "Poker’s Power 20", who they think are the big movers and shakers in the poker world. PokerNews was listed as #15, in part because "it has grown to be a force in the industry, breaking some of the top stories of the year, as well as providing brilliant tournament reporting". Well, it’s nice to be appreciated.

Speaking of Vegas, a few weeks ago I posted a link to Army of Dude, a blog written by a soldier who spent 15 months in Iraq. He’s out of the Army now and he and his girlfriend are moving from Seattle to Austin. They’re taking a meandering route, one that included a stop in Vegas. Nothing like a Vegas trip report to whet the appetitie for an extended tour.

I’m hoping that by the time I head to Vegas I’ll be free of the illness that’s kicked my ass since Vietnam. I got some meds for it and they helped, but once I finshed ’em it came back. Felt a bit better yesterday and today’s looking up, but I’m still clogged and I’m lacking both vim and vigor. People keep asking if I picked up bird flu or SARS over in Vietnam. I think it’s far more likely I caught something at LAX. Got a grudge against that airport.

But here’s news to make my chest clear and my heart sing–there’s a Wikipedia page for Steely McBeam, and my rant against that bastard was cited as supporting evidence that that…bastard has been "poorly received by the sports blogosphere". That’s TWO Wikipedia cites, and this one I actually deserve! And it’s such a good cause!


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