A Matter of Perspective

Sunday, April 13th, 2008, 3:36 pm

I always enjoy watching the final round of the Masters, since about 10 years ago I nearly had a nervous breakdown slogging through a take-home final exam in Accounting. Our professor said it should take us about 3 or 4 hours–I spent over 15 hours on it and received a merciful C. I still lived with my parents, hated my job, and wasn’t sure whyl I decided to go to business school in the first place. I sat hunched over my desk trying in vain to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do (the class and the prof were both considered the worst in the curriculum) and I really started to lose it. I had the Masters playing in the background mostly so the shrieking voices in my head wouldn’t convince me to jump out of the window. Every year since, as I watch the battle for the green jacket, I think back to that miserable day and thank God I’m not taking that goddam Accounting final again.

I’ve done at least one semi-productive thing today–I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to Vietnam to my Flickr page. I still can’t get Photoshop to work, and I can’t find the stupid disk to reinstall it. I found the box, found all the instructions–no disk. I’ve looked everywhere to no avail and normally I’d be on mega-tilt…but at least I’m not taking that Accounting final today. So I’m cool. I’ll work the problem, get it sorted eventually, and then repost the pics again once I’ve played with them a bit.

One quick pic–me sitting in the Hello Kitty gate at Taipei airport. This shot does not convey the overwhelming pinkness of the scene. Note too my bloggy physique–yes, the gym beckons. But cut me some slack–this is after 14 hours in the air.


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