The World Keeps Shrinking

Sunday, April 6th, 2008, 1:59 am

Last night I sat in a Vietnamese bar listening to a pretty Filipino woman sing a pitch-perfect cover of a Cranberries song. In her native language, of course.

We’re watiing here in Da Nang to catch our flight back to Saigon and the gift shop has songbooks you can buy of the ABBA, Bee Gees and Carpenters catalogs. Sure.

We get back to Saigon, do some running around and some shopping, and then probably have a drink before collapsing. I may try to run to the Rex again to see their slots parlor again (gotta tell you about my first visit there, when I have time) and then we start the odyssey back to the States. Saigon to Taipei, to LAX, to Charlotte, to Pittsburgh. And then to Allison Park and the flat. I’m curious to see how well my body and brain handle the adjustment back to civilian life. I’m guessing there will be some minor glitches. Like not being able to talk. Or eat. Or sleep.

I had an iced Vietnamese coffee at breakfast today. With each sip I closed my eyes and devoted all my runtime to savoring every glorious molecule. Magical stuff, I regret I didn’t order it the first two days we were there.

Almost time to board, hopefully have a chance to write more stuff and upload more pictures. It’ll take me a month to sort through them all and use my limited Photoshop powers to pretty them up. But now it’s time to get on another plane.

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4 Responses to “The World Keeps Shrinking”

  1. Katitude Says:

    When we were just dating, my now husband made me Vietnamese iced coffee; that’s when I knew that he’d have to be mine. That stuff is just about the best thing on the planet.

    I’ve been loving these trip reports, especially the last one about the school – thanks for posting!

  2. Pauly Says:

    Did you get any cool videos?

  3. Gene Says:

    My cousin got some of the Vietnamese band who wore serapes and sombreros doing “Hotel California”. The combo at the Majestic last night played that song as well. Guess the Eagles are big there (and probably the Big Lebowski isn’t).

  4. Daddy Says:

    Fucking dog has fucking papers.

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