The Single Step

Friday, March 28th, 2008, 7:50 am

My alarm rang at 7AM sharp and I hit the snooze. "Why get up now?" I asked myself as I snuggled under the covers. "How ’bout another warm, toasty hour?"

But if there’s a day when being a wee bit sleepy might be a good thing, today’s the day. We’re heading to Vietnam this afternoon, and, hoo boy, is this gonna be a long, long, long, long…you get the idea.

Have to be at the airport at 12:30 to meet everyone and get all our baggage sorted. Fly to Charlotte–no problem, that’s just an hour and change. Fly to LA–about five hours, less fun. And then, after a short layover, we pile into our big bird and fly to Taipei. Fourteen hours in the air. Even then our day won’t be done–we still have to take a two-hour hop from Taipei to Saigon.

Oddly, I’m really not nervous. Me, not nervous about FOUR takeoffs and FOUR landings in a single day? Not nervous about spending about 24 hours cooped up in a pressurized tube seven miles above terra firma? Nah. The whole thing is so surreal, so…ludicrous, that my mind can’t quite wrap itself around what’s to come. It’s too much.

I mean, you see a pretty girl across the room and your buddies start goading you to talk to her. You get nervous. But if you see Scarlett Johansson AND Natalie Portman across the room, and your buddies say that not only do you have to talk to them, you have to seduce them both, whisk them to a sleazy motel, and convince them to wrestle in a kiddie pool filled with creamed corn while you live-stream the match on the internet. The whole idea is so wonderful absurd that there’s no point in getting scared. If, by some miracle, you succeeded in you quest…again, the mind can’t conceive of it. At least not this early in the morning.

And that previous paragraph probably gives you an idea of how poorly my own mind is working right now. Gotta make sure I go through my list (pay the rent!) and don’t forget anything important. Like my passport–that’d be bad. Or my iPod charging cord. Or my camera.

The biggest concern I have is hauling all my crap from to the airport. I have 2 suitcases, both fairly full, my laptop, and my camera. Much of the one suitcase is filled with goodies for the kids at the school we’ll be going to, so I won’t have to worry about all that weight coming back. But it’s gonna be hell getting all that crap on the shuttle bus to the terminal.

OK, time to stop wasting time and finish getting ready. I did a bang-up job winning extra moniez for the kids in the blogger events–from the time I announced my intentions I didn’t win a penny. Giglied Pauly’s event, busted short of the money in the Skills game, ran Kings into jeciimd’s Aces. But I’ll just have to suck it up and come up with the extra funds myself. Figure I’ll win at least that much when I get back home.

But even that’s hard to think of right now. I think I’m gonna spend much of this day looking straight ahead, going where I’m told, and trying to sleep when I can.

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2 Responses to “The Single Step”

  1. Daddy Says:

    Wow, a kiddie pool full of creamed corn?
    Geno, you’ve really stepped it up lately.

  2. Darx Says:

    Creamed corn? Really?

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