Good Charlotte

Friday, March 28th, 2008, 5:50 pm

The flight to Charlotte took an hour and about 20 minutes of that felt like we were inside a tin can filled with BBs. Turbulence, I mean to say. Nothing too hairy, but there was one moment descending through the clouds when we WHOOOSHED up about ten feet and, yes, that got my attention. Landing was a little rough as well. But we’re here, though this is merely the appetizer to the nine-course transportorial meal we’re about to enjoy.

Ah, here’s an amusing bit of travel terror–I get to the US Airways counter, line my bags up to be checked with the rest of our group, and as I look through my papers I can’t find my Vietnam visa. At first I didn’t panic, because I’d deliberately made sure that my passport, ticket and visa were all safely tucked away in the envelope. But as I riffled thorugh my papers with more and more desperation I didn’t see the damn thing. Thanh, who organized the trip and has us on a schedule that would make a Swiss railroad conductor swoon, looked at me like I was some kind of idiot and said, "You NEED your visa. You can’t get in without it."

Just as I was about to make a high-speed dash back to my flat to toss the place for my visa…there it was. It was tight up against a fold in the thick envelope the airline gave us for our documentation. A bit of static electricity must’ve held it tight as I violently shook the envelope as if it owed me money. And since this is the sort of moron move I can see myself making, my panic was quite real. But no harm done. And the terror gave me a nice cadio workout.

Next stop, Los Angeles. Never been to LA before. I’ll be sure to wave as I pass over Change100’s place. Oh, I can’t–I have a doggone middle seat. Crap.

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  1. Darx Says:

    Better to whoosh up than to whoosh down. Are you really only 7 miles up when flying? I thought planes went much higher than that. Learn something new every day…

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