Ooh, Sweaty

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008, 9:03 pm

From my cousin, a news flash. Now, I understood that the Vietnamese are more fastidious about their dress than we filthy Westerners. I knew that there would be times when I’d have to wear khakis and long-sleeved shirts in 90-degree/85% humidity conditions. If history has taught us anything, it’s that the Mean Gene can deal.

When our group dedicates the bridge we’ll be in central Vietnam, outside Danang, where the temperatures will be more, uh, temperate. To get to the bridge we’ll have to drive out on motorbikes, which is gonna be, y’know, awesome. Though looking at video of some of the windy mountain roads gives me a case of the dry heaves. Still, awesome. Can’t wait.

Here’s the thing–because the bridge dedication is gonna be on Vietnamese television (set your TiVo!) I just learned that I’ll have to wear a goddam SPORTS JACKET. I mean, are you kidding me?? Vietnam is a goddam tropical country!! I’m goddam fat!! I’m goddam Irish–I sweat like the proverbial hog!! I had some sleek slacks and clingly linen shirts that looked beyond awesome and would keep me from expiring from perspiring. Now I gotta wear a SPORTS COAT on top of it all? Never mind my camera bag!!

OK, OK, I can get around this. Looks like I’ll be shopping for an ultra-ultra-ultra lightweight sportscoat tomorrow.

And, yes, I plan on buying some fantabulous shirts in Vietnam that will catch even Liz Lieu’s eye at this year’s WSOP.

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2 Responses to “Ooh, Sweaty”

  1. Darx Says:

    Do they make sports coats out of gauze?

  2. Noreen Says:

    It’s your cousin. Did you find anything? I found a linen blend jacket for $20 last night…I guess if we have one thing in our favor it’s that few people in our climate are looking for stinky-hot weather clothing in March.

    Yeah, and I’m going to have fun trying not to slide off of a motorbike seat in my stretch knit dress and jacket and backpack. I’m bringing along my travel medical kits…I think we’re going to need the disposable breathing masks as motorbike bug shields.

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