Ah, The Madness

Thursday, March 20th, 2008, 1:44 pm

I write this nestled comfortably at the Fox and Hound, watching my Kansas Jayhawks (they’re mine because I picked them to go all the way) put on a clinic. Scary good team. At three my Pitt Panthers (they’re mine because I’m from Pittsburgh and got my MBA there) will send Oral Roberts to their eternal salvation, and good for them.

I played the Mookie last night and fell just short of adding to the total I’ll donate to the kids on my Vietnam trip. Then again, had I somehow staggered into the money I would’ve won…$10.60. And since the buy-in was $11 I would’ve had to shake down some Vietnamese third-grader for forty cents. And I don’t think my conscience could’ve taken that. So, probably a good think my KQ blundered into BuddyDank’s Aces.

I’ve been taking off for March Madness for, oh, 15 years now, and as always I’m the first one at the bar and the guy who has to grab a table. Every year I tell myself to exercise before I head out for 12 hours of sitting and drinking…and every year I wake up at 11AM and tear through the streets hoping the joint isn’t packed yet. Not this year. Last night I put in a hard 45 minutes on the bike, and this morning I cranked out 35 before I showered and sallied forth. I’m also taking it easy on the beer, sipping a Bass while I guzzle water. Too often I’ve hit the wall around 4pm because I overdid it from jump street and  can barely stay awake for the late games. Easing in this time, keeping a nice little buzz going. Though I think I’ll be a regular at the little boys room.

The nice thing is that thanks to the glory of WiFi I can actually work while I’m here. Crank out some emails, blog a bit…maybe even play a little poker. I brought my spare battery and when that craps out I’ll plug in under the shuffleboard table. Technology roolz.

Kansas is looking awfully good running Portland St. ragged. But I have Xavier in the Sweet Sixteen (even the Elite Eight in one pool) and they’re gettin’ killed by Georgia. I thought the Bulldogs had their day when they put their miraculous SEC run together. Nope, they had enough left to cripple my brackets. Bastards.

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