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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008, 1:50 pm

Things did no go well for me in last night’s Blogger Skills game. First of all, I thought we were playing H.O.R.S.E., not H.O.S.E., and when an hour or so went by and I realized I hadn’t played a single hand of Razz I said "Uh-oh.". I was getting lots of little cards in the Stud games and it’d be just my luck to throw them away thinking we were playing Stud. But no, I merely misunderstood the structure of the tournament, and got myself crippled in Stud/8 when I had two pair, a flush draw, and a draw to a 6-low…and ended up making 3 pair on the river. And they say Razz is a frustrating game. No extra monies for my Vietnam donation fund. Oh well, let’s see how things go tonight.

Speaking of Vietnam I learned from my cousin this morning that our itinerary does NOT include a trip to the Cu Chi tunnel system, which she said is a total tourist trap. And considering that it’s about 95 degrees in Saigon these days one can imagine that conditions close underground are rather Hellish. So we’ll probably be gallivanting around the city instead, which is what I’d rather do anyway. One thing Noreen and I want to do while we’re there is hit the rooftop bars and drink and imagine ourselves as foreign correspondants on an exotic assignment. But mostly to drink.


Another reason I wanted to go to Vietnam is that I think it’s almost essential for the professional poker blogger/reporter/whatever I am to develop at least a basic understanding of Vietnamese culture. I can’t tell you how many times I wrote the name "Nguyen" during last year’s World Series, and knowing which players have the last name PhaN and who’s named PhaM can save both time and embarassing corrections. Maybe I can find a way to write this trip off after all…


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