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Thursday, March 6th, 2008, 2:48 am

Finished runner-up in last night’s Blogger Skill game…and then took 3rd out of 117 in the Mookie tonight. Wow, I must be some poker-playing savant, huh?

Yeah. Twice I was all in with a dominated Ace and ended up chopping the pot when the board paired twice. I was on the respirator most of the way but after we hit the final table I doubled up a few times, including my K-J besting Change100’s A-2. Other players kept busting, including Al, who had a massive stack and ran pocket NInes into twoblackaces’s Kings a hand after I pushed with Sixes and prayed it’d be folded around. I kept hanging around until I shoved with my lucky hand, pocket Tens. And blundered into Zutted’s pocket Jacks. Bye-bye Geno…and then I spiked a Ten on the flop. I mean, come on.

Down to three-handed I was hoping to lull my opponents into thinking they could boss me around and then I’d strike. I called twoblackaces’s small-blind raise with A-4, and the flop came 10-4-10. He bet the pot and I tried to decide if he had a pocket pair bigger than my Fours. I decided not and pushed, and he called with A-J. If I could dodge three outs I’d have around 75K and have a shot to win the thing…and of course a Jack popped up on the river and I was out.

Out, about three hours after I should’ve been out. Still hurt a bit. The last two days have been personally and financially rewarding, but in both tournaments I hit some sick hands to help me get deep. Got a bit unlucky a few times too, but by all rights I should’ve been out way before the money. No wonder the haters call these things donkaments. Sheesh.

I was planning on going to bed early so I could rise and head out to get my shots for my Vietnam trip. Fun times, I know. Guess that’ll have to wait till the early afternoon. ‘Cause I’m sleepy.

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