Representin’ the UB

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008, 3:34 am

What with my busy social life (ladies love the Mean Gene) I don’t play in many blogger events. OK, be fair, I usually forget what time they start because I’m too busy arguing with the cat. I’m touched in the head.

But reading Al today I saw that there was a tournament tonight, and that it was part of the "Blogger Skill Series". I have skills–mad skillz, in fact–so I figured I’d strap on the skates. True, I play Stud Hi about once a year…during some blogger tournament. And I have no clue how to play it well. But what the hell else was I gonna do? Work? Write? Work out? Yeah, sure.

To the tables! I managed to win a few pots here and there before donking away half my stack with two pair when I knew I was up against a bigger two pair. It was a bounty tournament (two bucks a head) and I won my buy-in back by liquidating a six-pack of bloggers with extreme predjudice. And as usual I should’ve been knocked out about 3 hours before the final table. I had a Jack showing and one in the hole, bet all the way to fifth street when I got check-raised by, I think, ANIguy. I had like 1,000 left and actually thought about mucking, even though I was getting like 15-1. And getting sleepy to boot. I threw in my little all, bricked on the river…and incredibly my Jacks were good. Instead of being out I had a very healthy stack.

In the midgame I caught some cards and took the chiplead for a bit. Played a bit with Waffles, a bit with Tuscaloosa Johnny. Players kept busting, and incredibly I wasn’t one of them. Made the final table, which quickly turned into a bloodbath and ANIguy, corron10 and Jestocost did most of the wet work. Then they went at each other, and before I knew it I was heads-up against corron10. I like to think I’m a decent heads-up player. When the game is NL Hold-Em. But Limit? Stud? Fuhgedaboutit. I faced a 2-1 chip deficit and quickly turned that into a 10-1 hole when I went all the way with Kings up when, again, I knew he had Aces up. I guess that would’ve been a tough laydown, especially at 1:30 in the morning. We got all the money in when corron10 had a wheel and I had an open-ended straight draw. I didn’t get there, and my quest for a 2nd blogger title came to an end. Have I ever mentioned that I won the first-evah blogger tournament? I have? Thirty-seven times? Remind me to tell you again sometime.

Actually tonight reminded me a bit of that long-ago victory. Everyone was rooting for corron10, making me feel a bit unloved…until Change100 appeared to give me a shoutout. Ten seconds later came the hand where I donked off 4/5 of my stack. I could hear her eyes rolling all the way here in Pittsburgh.

Had I won tonight not only would I have added an additional $97 to the ‘ol bankroll, I guess I would’ve won a seat in the blogger Tournament of Champions. Which, uh, I probably would’ve had to politely decline. Because, y’know, I work for UltimateBet, and on the (very) odd chance that I won a seat I couldn’t accept it. I don’t think my overlords would much appreciate me wearing that garish Full Tilt gear in a WSOP event. So maybe finishing 2nd was the best result. I make a cameo appearance, impose my will, represent the UB, and pretend in my own mind that I wasn’t soul-crushed when I didn’t win.

At the moment there are A LOT of blogger events on the calendar. Between the BBT at Full Tilt, the weekly Bodog tournaments and PokerStars’ big event (and, of course, Saturday’s with Dr. Pauly) that’s a lot of bloggerhours spent at the tables. I’ve been angling for UB to offer some kind of blogger promotion and they’re very receptive, but the problem is that there are so many tournaments out there that I wonder at the wisdom of adding MORE tournaments to the slate. We do have some cool ideas we’re kicking around–if you have any ideas/suggestions/advice, I’d love to hear ’em. Because I’m here to serve you.

Now I’m gonna go to bed, play back that next-to-last hand in my head, and cry myself to sleep.

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5 Responses to “Representin’ the UB”

  1. jjok Says:

    well done man…….I coulda rooted for either of you.

  2. change100 Says:

    Change100= the cooler. Me and my bad mojo should be shot.

    Congrats anyway!

  3. corron Says:

    Good game last night. I did have Aces up., the hand before the wheel. Good game, hope to see ya for the rest of the series….

  4. JoeSpeaker Says:

    Nice run, Geno. As for UB blogger tourneys, you’ll need to think outside the box. Unique prizes, for instance, like handjobs.

  5. Drizztdj Says:

    Just make sure the handjobs are from Duke not Hellmuth.

    Nice run Gene!

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