Six Degrees of Ricin Separation

Saturday, March 1st, 2008, 6:53 pm

I’m loathe to direct your attention to my competition, but Michael Craig has a funny little post up at the Full Tilt blog. In 2006 Craig spent the World Series of Poker at a joint that would need a top-to-bottom renovation to qualify as a Roach Motel. As he writes, "“I can’t tell you what set off the fire alarm but I can tell you what the prostitute in the room next door wears for pajamas.” He came home one night to find someone digging in a hole behind the motel. That’s…ominous. The following year someone ripped the navigation system out of his car. Nice place.

The reason I’m linking to Mike’s post? To quote him again, "THAT’S WHERE THEY FOUND THE RICIN".

Yeah, you’ll never hear me complain about the Imperial Palace again, even in jest. Here’s an additional detail about the hotel room where the ricin was found:

Pets were also in the hotel room, (deputy chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Kathy)Suey said. Two of the animals were fine; the third, an ailing dog, was euthanized after having been without food and water in the room for a week, she said.

Three dogs were in a hotel room for a week. One was so malnourished that it had to be put to sleep. And no one noticed? No one bothered to check on what had to be a good bit of barking? Or the smell? I understand not changing the sheets every day, but you’d think after a week someone might think to knock on the door and ask if he needed anything. Like toilet paper. Or a platoon of HazMat guys in space suits.

A quick glance at the hotel and it doesn’t look all that bad:

You know I’ll be doing a serious background check on where I stay for the WSOP. It’s one thing to deal with sketchy WiFi, balky air conditioning and the occasional coyote. It’s another to be locked up in a CDC quarantine chamber.

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2 Responses to “Six Degrees of Ricin Separation”

  1. Darcy Says:

    I’m biased, but your posts were much, much funnier.

  2. john the Says:

    Timely, isn’t it? This is what the right wing will do to control the outcome of the election. Little foiled terrorist plots. No deaths, surveil the grounds, no clues, but definitely somebody with some poison and an ‘Anarchist related’ book. Come on.

    Stop Lying. Do you really believe this crap?

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