Monday, February 18th, 2008, 8:48 pm

I tried to make something out of some leftover flank steak this afternoon…the less said about that the better. After giving the garbage disposal a noisy workout I headed to Marzoni’s for a chicken salad and a beer. Did some work and then I decided to play a little poker. When I play poker at the bar I hope to win at least enough to pay my bill. Makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

That wasn’t looking so good after I got stacked about 10 hands in. I had AK, flopped an Ace, rivered a King, and the creature I was up against had flopped a set of Threes. Not a good start.

Then things got ugly. Not for me, no no. Ugly for the poor soul sitting to my left. I had AA, raised, he called. The flop came 10-4-3, I bet, he called. Turn was a blank, I bet, he min-raised. Eww. Instead of folding or pushing I just called. River was an Ace. I checked, he bet, I moved in, he called. He didn’t turn over his cards, but thanks to PokerTracker I saw he’d flopped a set of Fours and I hit my two-outer to stack him. Ouch.

I finished my salad (which was outstanding) and my beer (which rocked) and was about to pack up when I was dealt pocket Jacks. Raised it up, got one caller, and I took down the pot with a continuation bet after the flop. I was ready to stuff my laptop in the bag when I was dealt the A-J of hearts. With five others in the pot I decided to just call. The flop came Ace high with two hearts. Well, I’m playing this pot. After a bet and a call I raised, but not much, and both players called. The turn was a Jack. After two checks I bet and the guy I stacked earlier just called. The river…was an Ace. Tasty. I bet about 3/4 of the pot and after thinking a bit he called. My boat won the pot, and when PT revealed the hand I saw that he’d flopped a set of Deuces. Twice he flopped sets against me and got crushed when I sucked out bigtime. To his immense credit he didn’t make a peep, and as I was heading out I said, "I’ll give you a chance to get even sometime". Might be the first time I’ve ever sought out a player just to give him a chance to win back some of his money. Poor bastard.

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