Mean Gene Cuisine

Saturday, February 16th, 2008, 2:13 am

I don’t think anyone is ever gonna say I’m a good cook, but tonight I actually impressed myself a bit. It’s Friday, no meat, so what was I gonna have for supper? I thought about punting and heading to the brewpub for a veggie-only pizza and 50oz of beer, but I had a few drafts last night (and the night before) so I decided to give my liver and waistline the night off. Last week I bought some tilapia fillets (tilapia–the white bread of the sea) and I went online looking for a receipe. I had to go to the grocery store (TOILET PAPER!! was circled and thrice-underlined at the top of the list) so I bought some fresh dill and red onion along with the other stuff and headed home.

The receipe said to mix some sour cream with the dill and onion and spread it over the fillets. Pop it in the over for 15 minutes and, voila. Dinner. But what to have on the side? Broccoli, natch–I eat so much broccoli…sorry, there’s supposed to be a punch line there and I can’t think of one. Let’s just say I eat a lot of frickin’ broccoli and leave it at that. But I wanted more than fish and veggies. I’ve been trying to cut down on starches while I try to lose weight, and so I didn’t have any potatoes, rice or noodles in the house. Well, except for a box of Spanish Rice-a-Roni that I think expired eight months ago. And I wasn’t gonna make that.

I opened the fridge and, aha! I forgot that I bought some cheese tortellini while I was at the store, They were giving out samples and, damn, it was delicious. It was on sale and they gave me a coupon to boot, so I bought a package. And while I chopped the onion and dill I put some salted water to the boil. Put the fish in the over, the torellini in the water, and once the pillowy pasta bobbed to the surface I gave it a quite saute in a bit of butter. Nuked the broccoli as I plated the fish and sprinkled a little cheese over the pasta and when all was ready, this is what it looked like:

OK, the fish doesn’t look as appetizing as it tasted, but it was a hell of a lot better than yet another bowl of tuna fish or, gak, Long John Silvers. And I have enough left over for two more meals, at least. Don’t think it’s gonna last until next Friday.

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2 Responses to “Mean Gene Cuisine”

  1. cc Says:

    Long John Silvers=bad beat; good job, chef!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Can I come over for dinner?

    Better yet, please provide the address of where you’ll be staying during the WSOP this year. I’ll be camped out on your doorstep.

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