Poker Is Fun…Poker Is Not Fun

Monday, February 11th, 2008, 12:07 pm

So I was up till 2AM playing in a tournament last night. Finished 70th out of 1414, good for…$64. It was around a quarter to one when I thought, "Is this really a good use of my time? I’m sleepy". First place was north of $6K, so if I took the whole thing down, then sure, time well spent. But I was shortstacked just about the whole way, never had more than an average stack after the first break, and was totally card dead the whole way. I did manage a late double-up when I had JJ (by far my best hand of the night) against AK, the other dude flopped an Ace but I hit a four-flush on the river. Other than that, not much to report. I do a fairly good job of getting into the money in these things–it’s getting to the final table that’s proving a problem.

And that is a problem, when you figure that finishing 70th gets you a $40 profit and finishing first gets you over six grand. Why doesn’t someone start a Marxist poker site where everyone who cashes gets the exact same amount? OK, that’s a bad idea. Odd that it’s instantly obvious why a Marxist poker site would be a bad idea, but it took quite a few folks to figure out the same thing about a Marxist state. Poker, what CAN’T it teach us?

I just got done playing two $30 SNGs, the results were not good. In the second I flopped a set of deuces, decided to smooth call the other dude’s continuation bet, and when a Jack fell on the turn I sprung my trap and raised. He pushed, I called, and he turned over…pocket Jacks. Doesn’t raise before the flop, hits his two-outer after I flop a set. Out in last place, nice.

Perhaps I was being punished for my evil thoughts after my first SNG. We’re down to six players and two guys have good stacks while the rest of us had crumbs. One guy at my table was known to the others–he plays lots of SNGs (said he went broke trying to make Supernova Elite) but I’d never heard of him. The play was fairly straightforward and with my stack dwindled to around T1000 I raised on the button with A-3 offsuit. Mistake right there, shoulda either shoved or folded. Because what do I do when the small blind shoves? Which is what happened. I only have T700 left and I know that I’m totally crushed. Automatic fold, except that I called. He had AQ, I lost, and after the hand he says in chat "nice call" and "what a donk".

First of all, I’m not a donk–I’m a tight-weak squeezer. That particular play was pretty donktastic, though. I said something back to him and logged off, mad at myself. In my opinion, the first cardinal rule of poker is that you don’t berate or insult bad players. Of course the reason is obvious–you want those bad players to stick around, have fun, and keep on losing. You also don’t want them thinking about WHY their play was bad and maybe realizing their mistake. One they won’t make the next time you play them. Just because you’re a fairly horrid person or you’re hung like a cashew is no reason to insult bad players.

Especially when you’re insulting me. Because I’m not a bad player. Just made a bad play. I’m calm now. Funny thing is, had I been playing in a casino, and the same guy had made the same comment to my face. I would’ve punched him in the throat. And then stomped him until his body resembled a Hefty bag full of broken pottery. Guess I’m a touchier than I thought. Something to keep in mind for the future. Not that I’m gonna play that bad ever again.

Some good news on the foot-front–Mark discounted the possibility that I have gout, as the swelling and pain isn’t centered in a joint, and reviewing the situation deduced I had celluitis on top of the other horrible stuff going on down there. So I got some antibiotics yesterday and they seem to be helping. Less pain, less swelling–I can walk! Almost! I’m gonna celebrate by having seven beers!

Oh yeah, tonight is the premiere of the Best Damn Poker Show, an Ultimatebet-sponsored show that’ll be on FSN tonight at 11pm. Players qualified either through tournaments held at UB or by sending in a video saying why they should be picked. Those who qualified play and have their ability (or lack therof) criticized by Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, and then those two pick tho players they want on their team. If this doesn’t exactly sound like your cup of tea, I should say that I saw some footage of the first show while I was down in Costa Rica and Phil and Annie REALLY get into some verbal nastiness. If you like hearing words bleeped out, or people berating each other, it would be well worth your time.

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4 Responses to “Poker Is Fun…Poker Is Not Fun”

  1. Patrick Ly Says:

    poker isn’t fun…i always lose because my lack patience

  2. pittdmb Says:

    Not that I have any idea how you play in tournaments, but your play sounds very familiar to mine about a year and a half ago. I was consistently doing well in tournaments and cashing, but never had enough chips to make it deep into a tournament. Truth be told, once the blinds and antes start to get higher, you have to become more aggressive and play more on position and not on the cards you hold. Without going into detail and while this isn’t groundbreaking strategy, this two plus two post I found actually helped me to realize what I was doing wrong and I bookmarked it to come back and reread whenever i’m in a funk. Check out eMarkM’s reply that’s where the juice is. Might not help, but thought it was worth a mention…

    P.s. you talk about Indian Lake alot, my parents have a place on StonyCreek Lake, the lake right below Indian. Good Luck at the tables.

  3. Iron Mike Sharpe Says:

    Man, I can’t believe Lord Geznikor committed suicide. What a bummer.

  4. Riggstad Says:

    Check out snaksters (another PA blogger) post on his thought on the aforementioned poker show. I actually thought it wasn’t totally reprehensible. Been reading for a while. good stuff

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