Nose to the Grindstone

Monday, January 21st, 2008, 9:07 pm

I don’t have Internet access in my room which is making it tough to post while I’m here. I’d rather write stuff along the way rather than catch up once I get home, but I’m in the lobby here typing away and trying to upload a few photos. I don’t have a lot of time so rather than half-ass it I’ll quarter-ass it and throw out some tidbits.

Went to lunch today with a group of people and on the brief walk back to the office we heard a loud BANG! behind us. Seeing that everyone has said that the area isn’t safe to walk around in, even in daylight, I looked around for a foxhole to dive into. Couldn’t figure out what it was until we got back to the building and found it was pitch-dark. Yes, a transformer blew, leaving us in darkness. We all worked for a bit on emergency power but then they sent everyone home.

Not that everyone went home. Seven of us went to a nearby casino and played a little SNG. Since I’m allegedly the poker expert it was important to me that I represent, and I’m pleased to say that I took it down. Though I should’ve been out in 3rd place when I limped with pocket Aces and Andreas made two pair on the flop with K-7. We were still turning our cards over after all the chips went in the middle when the dealer slapped an Ace down on the river. I didn’t know I needed it until I looked at his cards. Sick.

Me and couple of guys are going back to the casino tonight, play a little, have a few. Tomorrow I have another full day of meetings and whatnot, and then I’ll stop by the office one last time before heading home on Wednesday. Been a hell of a trip, got lots of pictures and some other neat stuff. It’s tough posting because I don’t have internet access in my room and it’s a bit weird hanging out in the lobby (the only place that has WiFi) typing away and trying to upload photos. Maybe I’ll get a post written at the office tomorrow.

Here’s a quick pic from a trip I took yesterday to the Arenal volcano, which unfortunately was socked in with clouds:

Did some fun stuff this past weekend, lots of pictures (and video!) to follow.


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