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Thursday, January 17th, 2008, 6:31 pm

I learned last night that there will soon be an RSS feed for the UB Blog, so that made me a happy boy. As did the news that we’ll be upgrading to a more robust platform that will allow me to upload photos and video a lot easier. So the full flower of my talent will be displayed for the world to see. Then again, does the world really need to hear from a jackass who uses phrases like "the full flower of my talent"?

My flight from Vegas to Phoenix was a delight. Half-empty plane, plenty of legroom. Unfortunately it only lasted about 30 minutes. The flight from Phoenix to Costa Rica looked to be a nightmare. Five hours, and I had a middle seat. Couldn’t switch thanks to the full plane. Somewhat cranky baby in the seat behind me. But it wasn’t that bad. Listened to the iPod, dozed a bit, let my noise-cancelling headphones do their miraculous work. After reading about Bill Rini’s fun trip coming back from Thailand I think I’ll stop boo-hooing about how rough I had it.

It wasn’t too bad getting through Customs and then I looked through the crowd of drivers holding up signs and saw my name printed on one. Never had anyone pick me up at an airport like that and it was kinda cool. To show what a rube I am I almost asked for the sign. Mario whisked me to a restaurant where some of my UB compatriots had gathered and I wolfed down a steak smothered in gargonzola and a little red wine. That was as much fun as I was up for and when I arrived at my hotel I saw that, uh, it wasn’t exactly in the sort of neighborhood I wanted to go sightseeing in. Not overtly threatening, I should say, but a bit ominous. I checked in and the gentleman who took my suitcase to my room wore a badge and had a gun. OK…

But the hotel and the room itself are both very nice, and after I unpacked a bit I crashed on the bed and flipped on the TV, hoping it would lull me to sleep. It did, but only after I watched an episode of the Simpsons and Futurama in Spanish before conking out. There isn’t WiFi in my room (and I don’t know about access in the hotel either) so posts from CR may be few and far between.

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