This Could Get Dangerous

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008, 6:10 pm

I’m writing this at the brewpub that’s 100 yards from my apartment. Today I learned the answer to a question I’ve been meaning to pose for a few months now–do they have WiFi? The answer turns out to be yes. Meaning that on those days when the walls of my apartment are closing in tight, I can pack up the laptop and sit at a polished-wood bar drinking well-crafted beer and “working”. Which is what I’m doing right now.

True the connection isn’t as fast as back home and WordPress balks at loading properly, but that seems a small price to pay when Marzoni’s has Happy Hour from 4-6 and I can get a 25oz Pale Ale for two bucks. TWO FREAKIN’ BUCKS. Beg pardon, two dollars and twenty cents, thanks to the draconian 10% tax on alcoholic drinks that was recently passed by the goddam idiots in our local government. I used to think Dan Onorato had gray matter other than oatmeal between his ears, but that changed when he steamrolled this tax through. The money raised is to go toward funding public transportation. OK, I’m a big believer in public transport. Thing is, we’re building a half-billion dollar tunnel underneath the goddam Allegheny River that NO ONE IS GONNA USE. While Downtown and the North Shore are jumping more than they have in the past, there’s no need bore a frickin’ hole under the river to shuttle people back and forth. That’s why we have all those bridges! Charging thirsty Pittsburgers an extra 10% for some suds or SoCo seems a bit much when we’re wasting an appalling amount of money on a far-from-necessary tunnel.

But for the moment, I am content. I’m going to order another mammoth beer (I belong to the mug club here and so I get the 25-ouncer for the same price as a 20, which is seriously gonna cut into their bottom line at the end of the year).  My burger tastes very good. It’s the middle of January and it was 70 degrees today–I was walking around Hartwood Acres in shorts and a T-shirt, for God’s sake. Got some nice pictures of some very nice deer, which I’ll post later. For now, I have a large beer to deal with.

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2 Responses to “This Could Get Dangerous”

  1. Chad Says:

    Aye, that’s one of the huge reasons I’m going to have to find a new place to live come June–no decent bars (within crawling distance) with Wifi. Playing poker and writing while drinking almost makes it feel like you’re not sitting at the bar alone. With the 2.25 beer, though, you probably don’t even care.

  2. change100 Says:

    Two bucks for a 25 ouncer?! A pint of Stella here at the Crown is $8.80!! That’s certainly gonna put a crimp in my drinking style…

    Me likeys the new photo too.

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