The Power of Negative Thinking

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 12:55 am

Played a little tournament tonight, 1300 runners, finished 72nd. I hit a two-outer on the river early on that would’ve crippled me otherwise and got paid off on the few hands I actually played. After we made the money I doubled up with A-Q against A-J and I thought, "You know, I haven’t lost a hand at showdown the whole tournament. When I get a big hand, they’re holding up."

Of course a cold shiver ran through my body as soon as my neurons fired in just such a way as to conjure that thought. "Anti-jinx, anti-jinx!" I said aloud as I was dealt A-K the very next hand. I raised, a shortstack moved in, I called, and I lost the race against his pocket Fives. A guy who’d been crippled when his Kings ran into Aces won the next seven hands in a row, increasing his stack from 9K to over 100,000. The last of these came at my expense, as I pushed with pocket Tens after he made a standard raise. He called with A-7, and the Q-K-Q flop made me wince a bit. And then another King hit on the turn, counterfeiting my Tens and sending me to the rail. Forty-three bucks of pure profit, and for only four hours work! First place was a little more than six grand. Sigh.

I’ve been doing well when I’ve played tournaments lately, but my favorite hand–pocket Tens–has of late signaled my doom. That’s the hand that Falstaff used to bounce me from the WPBT tournament, and the last two big online events I’ve cashed in my Tens got beat by Ace-little. Crap. Pocket Tens are the hand I held when I won the inaugural WPBT event–have I ever mentioned before that I won that first blogger tournament? I have? Fifty times? I beg your pardon.

And an affection for the number Ten will be carried on in the next generation of Brombergs, as my nephew Justin was born on October 10th. And as you can see, he’s already doing well with my lucky pocket pair:

Had this cute little staged shot, him sound asleep, chips all over the place…and that’s when he decides to wake up and start fidgeting. All that work ruined. Ungrateful little ba…little boy.

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  1. Justin Says:

    Uncle Gene, Im still waiting for my child size UB jerzey with a 10 on the back

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