Mission Accomplished

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007, 10:19 pm

Every time I go out of town–and especially when I get around all my blogging buddies–I’m seized with a sudden burst of ambition. When I get home, I tell myself, I’m gonna write more, post more, put all the plots and schemes bouncing around my head into motion.

I’ve been home from Vegas for a week now and I still haven’t posted a recap. Haven’t posted much of anything at all, at least not here. Bad Gene, no biscuit.

I did write up some stuff about my whirlwind Vegas weekend but didn’t feel like finishing it. When I headed west my agenda was a simple one–hang out. Hang out with as many people as I could for as long as I could. Drink, not a little, but not a lot. Well, OK, a lot, but not too much. Play in the blogger mixed game at MGM–I did that, and even pulled $30 out. Master Pai Gow–I’m not a Jedi like Otis, but at least this time around the dealer didn’t scold me a single time for screwing up my hand. Had fun during the tournament, even if I horribly botched my hand with BG, and even though I wasn’t allowed to take as many pictures as I wanted.

It was actually during the tournament when I realized that that day, December 8th, marked the fourth anniversary of my blog. It struck me that four years ago I was sitting in my cube at LandAmerica sifting through mortgage applications and typing away on my lunch hour…and now I was sitting in a AAA Five-Diamond-rated resort playing in a poker tournament with my fellow bloggers. That, and the half-dozen Sam Adams I consumed, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Right up to the point where my A-K lost the race to Falstaff’s pocket Tens. He richly deserves a standing ovation for all the work he did putting the weekend together, though at the time I wanted to give him a swift kick ‘twixt his kilted uprights.

Sunday night, when most folks were headed home, Pauly and GMoney and Maudie and Change100 and I headed over to Treasure Island to play in their $60 tournament. I doubled up early on, went card dead, somehow made the final table, and thanks to a few fortuitous hands made it to the final four and the money. Along with Maudie and Change. It was rather an odd feeling–rooting for them to win…while desperately hoping they’d bust out. We each traded the chip lead, and one time the ladies got all the money in with Change leading A-something to King-something. I mean, I can’t root against Maudie, for Chrissake. So I rooted for myself! "Come on," a voice shrieked inside me, "make…make the cards happen…so that no one loses…but I WIN!". I’m not as swift at the beseeching as Jerry Yang, and he seems to get better results that I do. Maudie survived her all-in, and I decided to make a move on the button with 9-3 (the first and, it turned out, only time I pushed with total rags). Change called in three one-thousandths of a second with pocket Jacks and I was toast. It was my first live-tournament cash, and I got a most pleasant surprise when I went to collect my winnings. For some reason I thought I’d won like fifty bucks or so–when they handed over $269 in chips I was a very happy camper. Even when I turned over $20 of it to Maudie when she took the tourney down and won our gang’s last-longer bet.

Monday I went a-wondering. I blew most of my poker winnings playing video poker–the machines were unkind this time around. I wanted to visit the Rio so I took the shuttle over and retraced the steps I walked so many times during the WSOP. There was a convention going on for the International Association of Air Shows…I didn’t know there were so many air shows they needed an association. But apparently they do, because I saw hundreds of folks (most of them men with very short hair) examining models of aircraft and airplane-themed swag. It was an energetic and rather handsome crowd, especially compared to the somewhat motley crew that attends seven-week-long poker tournaments. It felt weird. Almost eerie. The Amazon Room was walled off into smaller sections and I didn’t take any pics. I didn’t stay long and headed back to the casino.

Pauly told me that The Tilted Kilt was closed, and I had to see with my own eyes. It was true, and I’ll confess that my eyes misted over as I thought about all the Bass Ales I had there…brought to me by the lovely Kary, who made me feel all giggly inside when she’d say my name and bring me my favorite beverage. Where will I eat in drank if I cover the WSOP this year? And that’s when I saw, one spot down, that a McFadden’s is being built in the Rio. So we’re gonna go from a Scottish-themed place with beer and bar food to…a different Scottish-themed place with beer and bar food. Red tartan to green plaid. I think that could work.

So that was Vegas. Did all that I wanted to do. Well, Craig and I didn’t make it out to the Montana Meat Company to have some nostalgic nachos, but we did have lunch at the Carnegie Deli (next time we’re there we’re getting nachos, my treat). And I made the mistake of getting breakfast at Burger Palace at the IP, a mistake I will NOT make again. Got to chat a bit with Amy during the tournament, met Scott at long last, met a whole lotta people for long last who I’ll make sure are properly linked and added to my blogroll (a task I should’ve addressed months ago). I posted a bunch of pics at my Flickr page and I may post a few favorites here. Though not my fave-favorite–a shot of Iggy and Change100…together. Short of snapping a shot of Howard Hughes and Greta Garbo splitting a soda at Schwab’s, I can’t think of a more historic pic. I’d submit it for Pulitzer consideration…but I like having my head balanced just so atop my shoulders.

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  2. Dave Says:

    What the hell no more Kilt!?!?!?!?

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    It’s a date–if you can get the Russian cocktail waitress to join us!

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