Bad Day

Sunday, December 16th, 2007, 10:00 pm

First, the Steelers stink out the joint for the second week in a row…his interception notwithstanding, would it have been legal to waive Anthony Smith at halftime? Since he hilariously opened his mouth a fortnight ago the defense has allowed a 400-yard passer and 250 yards rushing in back-to-back games. And #27 has been responsible for quite a bit of the most egregious displays of "defense" in that time. How’s that swagger workin’ for you, Mr. Smith?

Second, my Fantasy team chose the playoffs to totally tank. Disappointing, but I’ve no idea how I got this far to begin with, because my team has sucked all year long. When your QB is Philip Rivers and your top draft pick is Reggie Bush you would expect to be buried deep in the standings. Instead I luckboxed my way to a first-round bye.

How about some poker? Played a tournament, bubbled. Played a no-limit cash game, got stacked when some lunatic called my raise with 3-4 and flopped two pair. I shouldn’t have called him down but he showed some insane hands and I though I had him crushed. Played a SNG, made it to heads-up, beat the guy down and had him dead to a three-outer on the river…which he duly hit. Winning that hand would’ve brought me to even for the day…I didn’t, and when I moved in my chips with AK and was called by J-9, a hand that would’ve brought the match back to even-steven, he flops two pair. Just one of those days, one of those goddam days.

I haven’t written a recap of the Vegas trip because…I just haven’t had it in me. Actually, I have written up a fairly long post, just haven’t gotten around to finishing it. Probably will, tomorrow. Or Tuesday. By next weekend, definitely. Sure.

Hard to think I’ve been home for nearly a week. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m running so bad NOW–if my luck had been this bad in Vegas, the damage might’ve gotten out of hand.

Ah, the Imperial Palace. What an…adequate place.

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  1. Richard Thruster Says:

    A decade ago, the I.P. had the most underrated cocktail waitresses on the Strip. It may be time to revisit.

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