The Long March

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007, 2:46 am

I’m sitting at the Budwiser Bar at McCarran Airport, an hour until my flight boards. I instantly remembered the bartender from when I was here two years ago–the Steelers beat the Bears to start the win streak that culminated in their Super Bowl victory, and as my brother and I sipped suds a woman fresh off a plane from Pittsburgh brought him a Terrible Towel. He remembered that–he hangs two Terrible Towels over the bar on Sundays when the Steelers play. It’s a small world. And now matter where you go, you’ll bump into someone from Pittsburgh.

I’m not gonna write a ridiculous recap of the weekend. I’ll write some, sure, and post some pictures. Today I wandered all over creation taking pictures, drinking beer, and playing video poker. If you want to know how that went, let me just say that I drank eight $25 beers. And each one was worth it.

I brought my pedometer along to see how much I walked today. About 20,000 steps. It says that translates to 10 miles, which doesn’t seem possible. I mean, I walked A LOT, but I can’t believe it was that much.

At one point I jumped on a shuttle at Bally’s that was parked in front of a sign that said SHUTTLE TO RIO. Had the Rio logo and everything. I jump on, and we stopped briefly at the Flamingo. Driver checks to see if there’s anyone there, and when he finds no takers he announces, "OK folks, looks like it’s just us going to the airport!"

"Whoa!" I whoaed. "Airport??". Yes, I almost took an most unwanted detour during my wanderings today. That woulda sucked, and sucked hard.

I lunched today at the Wynn buffet. Pretty goddam good. The smoked trout? Outstanding. As was the herb-crusted salmon. I’m not a big salmon fan, but that was a nice piece of fish. The chocolate mousse cake was close-your-eyes dreamy. Steve Wynn isn’t bad at the hospitality thing.

Almost time for me to be Leaving Las Vegas. I’m sure I’ll write a bit more about the weekend, but I’ll wait till I’m not quite so drunk with nostalgia. And beer, yummy yummy beer.

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