Good Thing I Checked

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007, 1:11 pm

So I’m crossing things off my to-do list before I leave for Vegas and I print out my airline and hotel reservation info. And notice something interesting. For some reason I thought I was flying home Sunday night at 11:55. No, in fact I’m flying home at 11:55 on MONDAY night. I checked my Imperial Palace reservations and, yes, I have my room through Monday. True, I’ll have to check out at 11AM, but I’ll have a bed to sleep in Sunday night. I honestly thought I was flying home on Sunday, but it looks like I was planning an extra day all along. No biggie, I guess I can find something to do in Las Vegas with a free twelve hours.

Other than hang out and try to talk to as many people as is humanly possible, I have no set plans for Vegas. I’ll just let the tide carry me along. I’m sure there will be enough drinking, gambling, and scary hijinks to satisfy whatever depraved cravings strike me. I’m sure I’ll find some time to play video poker…just a bit. If the nostalgia bug bites me maybe I’ll take a jaunt over to the Rio to see the joint where I spent 50 days and nights during the World Series. Maybe hail a cab and ride over to Silverton to see if The Most Beautiful Girl in the World is still a cocktail waitress there. Craig would probably join me for that. And then maybe we’ll head over to the Montana Meat Company restaurant for some breakfast nachos. Or, maybe, not.

A bit weird going to Vegas for five days instead of fifty, and not having to work. Well, actually I will have to work, as the UltimateBet Online Championship kicks off this Friday and I’ll be posting stuff along the way. So if I politely decline to do a ninth round of shots, that’s the reason why–I’m on the clock. Better than on the floor.

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2 Responses to “Good Thing I Checked”

  1. wvwolfie Says:


    Have fun on your trip. We love the Imp Palace. Enjoy playing late into the night in their poker room and getting comped $2. We are heading back to VEGAS at the end of Jan. to celebrate mine and another blogging friends 40th. Let us know what it is like there this time.

    May all the cards run your way!

  2. cc Says:

    Or maybe yes!

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