Sunday, November 18th, 2007, 4:27 pm

Wrote a post excoriating Anthony Morelli, Jay Paterno and Penn State football in general and WordPress ate it up all gone. And it’s not worth re-writing. That’ll teach me to hit the PUBLISH button and then go back to watching football and playing poker.

Been playing more lately and actually winning a bit. I think that’s because I came to a few realizations. First of all, I’m not that good a limit player. Second, I’m not especially good at short-handed games. And as I’d been exclusively playing short-handed limit lately, that explains why my results have sucked. I’ve switched back to NL ring games, my bread-and-butter and the game I built my bankroll with in the first place, and the returns so far have been solid. Maybe the fish aren’t as plump as in days past, but there are still lots of people willing to call an all-in with top pair, no kicker. Which happened last night, as I reversed a bad night in one fell swoop as my nut straight was called by a guy with Q-J. True, his Jacks were good for top pair…but do you really wanna be re-raising a scary board on the river with that? I think not.

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