Moving To the Left

Monday, November 5th, 2007, 5:16 pm

The Mean Gene Experience is packing up tomorrow and heading for a week on the Left Coast. My buddy Mark has yet another conference, this time in San Francisco, and once again I’m tagging along. I’m bringing the laptop and camera, of course, so I’ll be posting about my adventures along the way.

I’ve never been to San Fran (or California) before, so if anyone has some must sees/avoid at all cost recommendations, please let me know. Mark will be conferencing away in the mornings and I’ll be working as well, but I’m sure I’ll find some time to venture out in the AM. And then we’ll be foraging for good food and drink the rest of the day. I don’t know about Mark, but I plan on eating as much Rice-a-Roni as I can lay my hands on.

Wow, what a terrible, terrible joke.

We’re staying in Nob Hill, and we’re probably not going to rent a car for the first part of the trip, preferring to do our exploring on foot and avoid any traffic hassles. Eat a few Dungeness crabs, drink a little wine, and hopefully avoid any sesmic episodes. That’s the plan. Though if you have any ideas on what we should add to the plan, let me know.


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2 Responses to “Moving To the Left”

  1. JoeSpeaker Says:

    The Exploritorium is a must see. You’ve got to eat in Chinatown. City Lights Bookstore and some North Beach Italian fare. Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for some zen relazxation (it’s also right next to The De Young Museum).

    Lefty O’Doul’s for sports bar goodness.

  2. donkeypuncher Says:

    Speaker knows what he’s talking about. Lefty O’Doul’s was across the street from the hotel my old company used to put me up at. Good stuff.
    Definitely do the North Beach Italian and dim sum for lunch in Chinatown. If you can, hop on a wine tour bus.

    If you do an Alcatraz tour, try to do it in the evening. Some crazy shadows then.

    And don’t forget to gamble it up at Lucky Chances casino with all the crazy Asian gamblers.

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