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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007, 10:39 pm

Got a few things stacked up in the queue, so how about I lump everything into one big ball o’ nonsense.

Adieu, Robert Goulet. I’m not a Broadway musical fan but I was a huge fan of Goulet’s campy acting career, which included appearances on The Simpsons and Police Squad and TV Funhouse. My humor-impaired friends just didn’t get the NCAA basketball promotional spots Goulet made for ESPN a few years ago–I invite you to watch them and judge for yourself. They’re classics.

Congratulations are in order for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who was just elected as President of Argentina. Succeeding her husband, Nestor Kirchner. Fortunately we don’t have such dynastic successions here in America.


Anyway, here’s a picture of President-elect Kirchner:

And here is a picture of Beth Shak, who finished 2nd in a WSOP event after tormenting Phil Hellmuth for the better part of two days (photo credit to the late, lamented PokerWire):

Is it me, or is there a very strong resemblence between the two? The hair, I guess, contributes a lot to that impression. Still, when I saw Kirchner’s photo the first thing I thought was, "Man, she looks exactly like Beth Shak". Not an especially sophisticated analysis. I probably should pay closer attention to Argentinian politics.

Just got knocked out of the Mookie by Schaubs when I bet, he raised, I pushed, and he called. I had an open-ended straight draw, he had top two. The turn was a King, giving me the straight. The river was a nine, giving him a boat. I wonder, if I jump from my second-story balcony, would the fall kill me, or would I just get hurt real, real bad?

I close on a bit of a weird note. I visited my folks yesterday and as I drove home the song "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay came on the radio. I was munching on a chocolate-chip cookie (just one, still focused on losing weight) and wasn’t really concentrating on the music when I realized something. I wasn’t listening to the radio–I was listening to my iPod. And I don’t own any of Coldplay’s albums. So…how did "Speed of Sound" get on my iPod? What’s more, how did that song get on my Favorites list? And if it was one of my "favorites", how come that was the first time I’d heard it?

When I got home I checked my iTunes and found that I’d actually purchased that song. I have no recollection of that transaction. My theory? I was drinking. That explanation covers many bases.


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