The Ups, The Downs

Monday, October 29th, 2007, 4:30 pm

I promised I would provide interesting updates about my quest to get svelte, but by now you know that my word is about as reliable as a plumber’s estimate. How did I do this past week? Well, that’s open to debate. I lost a pound–yay! The bad news is that I’d lost nearly two before this past weekend. Boo. Too much sloth, too much football, too much sitting on the couch eating things that had been dipped in batter and then, oil. I didn’t get to the gym as often as I should’ve–actually, my membership expired last Tuesday and I told myself I’d renew it the next time I went. I still haven’t renewed it, so you know how long it’s been since I hit the gym.

But I did play volleyball twice last week, I did ride my exercise bike twice, and I did a lot of stretching. That’s one aspect of fitness that people don’t often think about–you get fatter and weaker, but you also get tighter. I used to be pretty flexible, and to a certain extent I still am, but some of my muscles are REALLY tight. I play VB tonight and I’ll be stretching out for at least a half-hour before I head out. And that doesn’t include some time on the bike to get myself warmed up and the blood flowing.

I did an OK job on the eating front this week…except for what I ate while watching Penn State and the Steelers play. Oh, and I broke down and went to the Chinese buffet for lunch one day. But in my defense that was the only meal I ate all day, I didn’t have any rice or noodles, and I only had two plates. And when I told my friend Ted that fact he said, "Two plates!", because Ted is the sort who can personally destroy a buffet’s Profit and Loss statement. Still, most sensible diet plans I’ve read haven’t included a section that says, "Be sure to incorporate all-you-can eat buffets into your eating schedule".

So if I had to give myself a grade for the week I’d say I’d earned a solid C-minus. A little more sweat, a little more discipline. I went grocery shopping last night and picked up more vegetables, a few Lean Cuisine pizzas for when that mood strikes me. Have I mentioned that there’s a brewpub within walking distance of my apartment that has a brick-oven pizza oven? And that there’s a McDonald’s being built just across the road. Temptation lurks around every corner.

Actually, there will be temptation tonight as well. It’s the last week of our one pickup league…and then I’ll join everyone at the bar to drink and eat and watch the football game. Last week I made myself earn those beers–between games I ran laps around the gym (or when I was rotated out). I had to do 15 laps or no brewski. I guess I did around 20. So, tonight, 25 laps or no suds. And I’m sure I’ll be thirsty tonight.

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2 Responses to “The Ups, The Downs”

  1. Darcy Says:

    May I recommend reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma. McDonald’s won’t tempt you any more, I promise. Unless you are made of much sterner stuff than I, in which case it still might, but I would guess that the temptation would at the very least by slightly more manageable.

  2. Love Says:

    I’m gonna write a NEW story YOU get to complete it!!! It was Monday, and I was frnekiag out (Typical me, transforming into a nervous wreck before I know all the details) as we were being handed forms for our Grade 8 Camp. I HATE Camp! Forced to be crammed into a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy tent. And *Shudder* Snakes, spiders and other venomous creatures that can be found in Westchester National Park. As predicted, McKenzie screeched, CAMP?! EWW ! Bugs, sleeping bags, and Ooh Not wearing fashionable clothing!’ I rolled my eyes. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! She is sooo vain! Anyway, we’ve been dismissed (Hallelujah!), so I’m gonna finish this entry after camp. AFTER CAMP OMG!!! Camp was soo much fun! Not expecting such nice accommodation, and thrill-seeking activities that made me jump out of my skin! We slept in cabins, and rode to the campsite on a filthily bus. Unfortunatly, we watched Nemo, which was of course lame, considering were in the 8Th Grade, and Ava McDonald got Motion Sickness and Barfed on the seat next to her (Thank Goodness no-one was sitting there, or they would have regretted ever going on this bus! Actually, no-one EVER sits next to Ava McDonald, and you can see why!). Anyway, were were greeted by cheery camp leaders who toured us around the lark before entering the vast green Forrest filled with raccoons and beautiful butterflies darting throughout bushes. Coincidentally, we DID see a python. But, we were explained that that as long as the camp leader is with us, we will be safe because of their emergency kit. McKenzie’s screams echoed through the Forrest as she spotted a fly on her arm, and it was like that for the next three nights! Anyway, the meals were okay (Mac n’ Cheese. Mmm ?). Chloe, Zoey, Marcy and i were paired up in Winfred Lodge, which was cozy and welcoming, and McKenzie slept with the Star Gazers which are a particular group who want to sleep outside on the grass, tucked in their sleeping bags like french rolls! Poor her It rained! As they ducked for shelter in the empty cabin, she screamed so much it cued a Black Bear to enter or camp ground! Luckily or trustworthy camp leaders took care of it. The next morning, after a hearty meal of Rice Krispies, we went Kayaking! Zoey and I were placed in a sky blue kayak, and Marcy and Chloe were joined along with Catherine-Jane Kerr in a vibrant purple one. Anyway, we played a game were all the kayaks we lined up in a row on the water, and one person had to climb out of the boat and hop across each of the kayaks! Of course, to gain popularity points, McKenzie tried, and purposely fell into Brandon and Theo’s Kayak, resulting in him to go under! He was held their for almost a minute until McKenzie jumped off! Anyway, Zoey had a go, and fell in on the last Kayak! I tried, and slipped and fell onto Brandon, who caught me! What a hero! We both blushed, until I regained balance and finished without a mistake! That night, Chloe, Zoey, Marcy Brandon, Theo, Marcus and I slept on the clean grass. It was a clear night, and the stars shone like a thousand diamonds in the sky! Brandon lay his sleeping bag next to mine and I almost died as I am SUCH a snorer! When I woke up, Brandon was still asleep! He looked like SUCH a hunk, even when he was snoozing! Without thinking, I gave him a little peck on the cheek! He woke up, and I turned bright red! He smiled, and we walked around the campsite for a while. We found a quiet spot under a tree after breakfast when it was silent reading time. We just sat. We didn’t utter a word! Until, he leaned in, closer and closer until *SMOOCH*! HE KISSED ME! That was out spark! We walked back, hand in hand for rock climbing, the Team-building Challenges and Orienteering! Before we went to bed, this time huddled in our bunks, he kissed me one more time, in front of McKenzie! She was torn apart! Once I began to doze, Something slimy and gross crawled up my leg! It was FINISH IT!!!

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