Mean Gene Investigashuns

Friday, October 26th, 2007, 12:58 pm

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting a lot lately it’s because I’ve been scribbling elsewhere. I have an article up at LasVegasVegas about the good folks who have the prohibition of gambling their goal in life. The introduction to the post describes me as an "investigative journalist", which will no doubt get some people giggling, but YOU spend an afternoon reading through academic studies and parsing statistical analyses. I’ll be writing additional pieces on that subject as well, seeing that anti-gambling organizations seem to have a serious problem dealing with numbers, facts, reality. It’s not that hard to build a somewhat -reasonable argument against online gaming. True, the argument is easily refutable, but an argument can be constructed. Of course, if we’ve learned anything about our democracy (and the media) over the last decade or so is that reasonable argument and honest debate is a game only the suckers play. And so these anti-gambling groups trot out information that’s either flat-out wrong or deliberate misreadings of posted information. And I do rather enjoy digging into stuff like that. Maybe I should write a book about the subject. Wow…that would be one boring book.

I also did some de rigueur sniping at the coverage given to the PPA’s lobbying campaign in Washington this past week. Not the coverage, exactly (some of which was quite good) but the inevitable poker lingo used in the articles. I know, I’m a small person in a lot of ways.

I played in the Mookie the other night and finished 27th. Which was oddly appropriate, as I was dealt the Hammer on no fewer than seven occasions. And I played them masterfully, going 5-2 and flashing my cards after each scooped pot to taunt the table. I can only wonder what might’ve happened had Craig and I not chopped a pot when my AK had his AJ crusherized and we both ended up making Broadway. Craig finished fourth. I finished 27th. You do the math. Congrats on Iggy taking it down…I didn’t even know Iggy was playing in the damn thing.

So I’ve done a fair bit of work already today…do I head to Mountaineer to play poker? Or do I go to the gym and work out? I’ll post my weekly weight-loss update tomorrow (it’s been an so-so week) but at the least I should exercise THEN go play poker. Yes, I think I’ll do that.

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