Guess Where I’m Going Tomorrow?

Thursday, October 18th, 2007, 3:05 pm

To the Panhandle, baby. Yes, tomorrow sees the start of legalized poker in West Virginia, and unless work or a hangover intrudes I think I’m gonna head across the border and check out the scene. Mountaineer is only an hour and change away and it opens it’s 37-table poker room (thirty seven tables!) tomorrow at 4pm. I’m glad I learned from today’s PG article that Mountaineer’s room opens at 4pm and not 10am as Wheeling Downs does. Else I would’ve spent about six hours enjoying the charms of downtown Weirton. Actually, when my friend Ted had his bodybuilding show there we found a very nice sports bar there. I could’ve made the time pass.

This news is actually kind of Big, yes? I’ve been writing about poker for nearly four years now and I’ve played very little live poker in that time. Now, whenever I want, I can drive a quarter-mile up the road, hop on the Turnpike, and be riffling chips within the hour. I don’t plan on becoming part of the furniture there, but I can see myself spending some quality time across the state line. I will, of course, provide much commentary and opinion on how it all goes.

Played the Mookie last night, and played bloody awful. Though I nearly got back to par thanks to what would’ve been a classic Hammering. I forget who I was up against (sorry about that), but I raised with the Hammer and called when my foe doubled my bet. The flop came 7-2-Q, all hearts. Yummy. I checked, he bet, I pushed, he called. And he turned over…pocket Aces. Including the Ace of hearts. Ick. He had oodles of outs, and one of them hit on the turn when the board paired Queens. I didn’t catch my deuce or seven and to the rail I went. It’s always depressing to come this close to pulling the upset and still lose in the end.

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