Looks Good To Me

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007, 10:38 am

Every time I see a baby wrapped up in a soft, soft blanky and sleeping away the day, I think to myself, "Savor it, kiddo. All too soon you’re gonna be crawling out of a warm bed at 7AM to go to school." At least that’s what I was thinking as I met my five-day-old nephew for the first time.

My ex-wife’s sister has two kids, so I already have a niece and a nephew, but it’s a bit different having a nephew from my side of the family. Justin looks a hell of a lot like my brother Ryan. Which is a bit eerie. And with the odds of me having kids of my own quickly dwindling from "Unlikely" to "Yeah, Right!" I’m pleased that the family name goes on and my folks get to be grandparents. Plus I get to play the free-wheeling, fun-lovin’ uncle. The one who introduces the boy to poker and beer and chicks and weapons. Probably shouldn’t tell Carolyn that just yet.

I didn’t hold Justin myself the other day, in part because I did something catastrophically bad to my back the other day. I think it happened when I was carrying about eight bags of groceries up to the flat and pulled something when I set them down on the floor. Didn’t hurt at first. Didn’t hurt much a few hours later. But that night I woke up feeling like someone had thrown me from a train. I finally went to the doc a few days later when I literally couldn’t stand up and walk at the same time. I had to hunch over and take little-old-lady steps to get around. When I went to get my prescription filled (pharmies!!) I had to use a shopping cart to support myself.

Four days later, I’d improved so much I was able to play volleyball last night. Drugs. What problems CAN’T they solve??

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