PokerStars Is RIGGED!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007, 5:29 pm

I get it all-in with AA against 88. Once again, we both flop sets. Unreal. I’m already counting my 110K in chips when the case Eight hits on the river.

Otis arrives in chat and I tell him that we don’t hand out bad beats like that on UltimateBet. "I have nothing to do with that", he replies.



Stars bastards.

Still gonna win this thing.

UPDATE: No I’m not, out 243rd. Ran A-5 into AA…and, of course, this time the Aces hold up. They don’t get cracked by a 1-outer on the river. Not this time.

Here’s a weird stat–five times today I was all-in before the flop against someone with a smaller pair. On FOUR of those occasions, the smaller pair flopped a set. Three times I ended up with a set myself.

Poker is the suck.

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2 Responses to “PokerStars Is RIGGED!”

  1. cheer_dad Says:

    Misery loves company…and all that. I “survived” until 130th which I guess means it just took longer to be a loser! Picked the wrong time to steal a pot…guy to my left looks down at his pocket Kings and send me packing. OOPS!

    I had a good time, and had no idea there were so many poker bloggers out there. Also, learned that deep stack poker is great.



  2. dmwilliams Says:

    proof pokerstars is rigged with more than 90% bots playing for them at any table or tournament. use the chat and ask how many are real, and, watch the response you get. we’ve done this with a forum of people that send results to my email. of 1,000 REAL players, less than 20% at any table are real. with the number of so-called real players they claim they have, then why do only 20% or less of them know how to read chat and replay???

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