Kickin’ Ass

Sunday, October 14th, 2007, 4:50 pm

I’m in the top 5 in chips in the PokerStars Blogger tournament. Thanks in part to twice stacking guys with KK against JJ–and on  both occasions the other guy flopped a set. The first time I also flopped a set, the second I hit my King on the turn. Also lost with QQ against JJ, but that wasn’t too big a hit. Busted Marvelous when I check-called all the way with TPTK and he had a pair. I’m over my brother’s meeting my nephew for the first time and having pizza and beer, so I need to chip up or bust before I head for home. ‘Cause I might miss a few blinds en route.

Tell you what, this poker thing is easy when you’re dealt big hands and you hit flops. REAL easy.

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