Mean Gene’s Got Game

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007, 12:40 am

Instead of taking a nap, I played a $10 tournament. Rejecting Dreamland turned out to be one of my rare good ideas:

Maybe you can’t read that, but I finished 5th out of 1035, good for $548.56. Not bad for an $11 investment. Especially as I should’ve been out after about 45 minutes. I lost most of my stack when I had AK, flopped an Ace, and had a guy with AQ hit his Queen on the river. That cost me 2/3 of my stack and, after pushing a few times when the action was folded around to me, I pushed again with the K-10 of diamonds after two players limped. It was folded back to the limpers and the first guy called. The second limper then pushed. They both had above-average stacks, and that big bet chased the first guy. And so I ended heads up against a guy holding…K-6. Yes, he re-raised all-in to isolate with K-6. I had him dominated and the board bricked out to triple me up. The other guy said he folded A-J, and a Jack hit on the turn. Thank you, Mr. Donkey.

Played well, played patient, won a few races and doubled with Kings and Jacks against smaller pairs. I was the short-stack as the final table started, and with my M around 4 I open-pushed with QJ. And got called by players holding pocket Tens and, gulp, pocket Kings. Figured I was toast…until the flop came A-Q-Q. Ended up making a boat on the river and that triple-up gave me a real shot to win the thing.

‘Twas not meant to be, alas. I lost a race with AQ against Jacks, and then twice I had my opponent dominated only for the hand to end in a chop. I moved in with A-10, was called by A-7, and he hit his seven on the flop.

I was 30 minutes late for volleyball because I played so long, but who cares? I was disappointed to go out fifth, but…how could I be disappointed? Had some donkey not lost his mind three hours earlier I would’ve been out. The glass is half-full, yes?

I’m gonna play a $1,500 event at the World Series this year and I’m gonna start playing a lot more tournaments. Plus Aruba whetted the appetitie. Nice to jump into tournament play with a tidy little score. Think I’ll hold off on going pro…for a bit.

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  1. JoeSpeaker Says:

    Nice one Geno!

  2. change100 Says:

    Ship it!! Nice work!

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