Jesus Christ On Line One

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007, 8:31 pm

I just watched the final table scene where Lee Watkinson’s girlfriend and Jerry Yang were alternately praying to Jesus to make the hand go their way. The funniest moment in televised poker history? I can’t think of a better one. Of course, there’s still 90 minutes to go.

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  1. KenP Says:

    Different topic….

    Looked at your hotel shot at the start of your Aruba blog. Poor shot, IMO. It looks like the hotels are ready to slide off the picture to the left. The crop on the right with the ‘leaning building’ exacerbates that .

    That is not to say you shouldn’t have taken the shot. Although, it is a rough perspective to turn into anything but a snapshot. When taking action candids you are going to have a lot of these situation where the shot is far from ideal. The idea is to crop and try to compose the best you can derive from what the ‘negative’ gave you.

    I am only saying this because you seem serious about the camera. The local library will have books on composition that I’m sure you’d find interesting.

    There was a young lady in the other thread that shoots wedding and seemed local to you. Buy her lunch and hope she’ll share. A lot of shooting a wedding is very close to what you’re trying for at tournaments. If she’d let you quietly work a wedding with her, you’d make a huge leap in learning.

    As to the pic, try going to the hotel’s site and see if there is a similar shot. How is it composed? Does it provide something that is lacking in your shot and what’s the how and why?

  2. Mean Gene Says:

    Do you mean the pic that appears in my LasVegasVegas post? Yeah, that one didn’t turn out so hot, I didn’t use it on the Aruba blog because it looked kinda slanty. And it was the hotel next door and I meant to write a post about how it wasn’t there last year, but I never got around to it.

    I did get a couple of composition books out of the library and actually ordered a couple on Amazon. Not much use having a camera if you don’t know how to make what you’re shooting look compelling. My path toward enlightenment is still in its first awkward steps.

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