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Monday, October 8th, 2007, 10:33 am

Took about 13 hours to get from Aruba to my car, but the delays were no big deal. Went to Eat n Park around 1:30AM because I was starving and I sat down in a booth next to two douchebags who were talking about playing poker in a nearby bar. Which of course was just the sort of conversation I wanted to hear after the past week. They were giving the waitress a hard time and I though about killing them both with my bare hands and urinating on the corpses when I was done, but I guess she knew them and was giving it back as well. Don’t know why my temper was so short, but they hit a nerve of some sort. I ate my burger and let them live.

I’ll write more once my head and body stop hurting. No idea how Pauly posts stuff on his blog after working a 16-hour day. Most nights down there I went straight to bed. Except for the night I went to the party at Phil Hellmuth’s penthouse…

Some numbers from the trip:

Amount lost playing video poker: $70

Number of minutes spent swimming in pool or ocean: 0

Number of Balashis consumed: 13 (they’re small)

Glasses of wine/champagne consumed during work hours: 5 (they were small pours)

Number of pictures taken: 18,415 (totally made up number)

Percentage of pictures taken that were worth a damn: 2 (still got a lot of good ones)

Think I’ll spend today going through photos and watch a little TV. Maybe have a nap.

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  1. Pauly Says:

    It’s called crack cocaine.

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