The Difference Between Aruba and Vegas

Monday, October 1st, 2007, 10:25 pm

You know the cliche about how it’s hot, but it’s a "dry heat"? Yeah, today in Aruba it was about 95 with 85% humidity. Do you like sweating? Because if you like to sweat, you’ll love Aruba.

Last night was the big welcome to the island party and I made the mistake of wearing one of my black UB shirts. Even though it was dark it still felt like it was somehow soaking up heat. I brought my camera along and I took many, many, many pictures. Some of them even good! Though I was regretting my decision to leave my telephoto lens in my room when two ladies of considerable allure took off their clothes and jumped in the pool. They did this not because it was hot out, or because it was a hot thing to do, but because Phil Hellmuth was giving cash to folks if they’d jump in the pool. He offered $500 each to the first 5 people who took the plunge, and as you might expect there was a stampede to the water. I think the ladies got a grand apiece to take their skinny dip. Hell, if someone trustworthy would’ve held my camera I would’ve paid ten bucks to jump in. Have I mentioned that it was hot?

Random photo, just to break up the text:

This morning there was a WSOP Academy presentation by a number of pros. Annie Duke gave a pretty good talk about pricing and game theory. There was a Q&A session afterwards and I thought that the extremely dapper Matt Savage and Phil Hellmuth were gonna throw down. They disagreed about the rule whereby a player cannot reveal his hand when’s he’s heads up and all-in. Phil said that players should be allowed to show their hand to get a read on their opponent, Matt disagreed. And as the discussion grew more heated I manuevered into a better shooting position in case they dropped the gloves. And then Phil said that Matt’s a great TD and how much he respects him and I saw that the raised voices signalled nothing. Darn, would’ve made for a good post.

Incidentally, when Phil showed up for the party last night, he was accompanied by three models, two of whom were wearing T-shirts promoting Phii’s energy drink. When he arrived for the Q&A this afternoon, he had two models with him. This on the heels of his entrances at the WSOP and WSOP-E Main Events, when he travelled with an 11-strong phalanx of babes. Is there like a temp agency or something where you can arrange for a entourage of pretty girls? Maybe I’ll set something up for my 20th high school reunion.

One of the models, by the way, looked like Linsday Lohan, only about nine times hotter. And that’s before Ms. Lohan’s considerable problems of late. She was a stunner.

Long night last night (especially as my internet went screwy and I had to get up at 7AM to upload photos and finish my party post) so I’m just hanging in tonight, watching some football and drinking a beer out of the minibar. Tomorrow I’m going to a meeting of some online players at 10 and then, the Main Event begins. So far having a good time, much better than last year. I’ve gotten to meet a lot more people, more people know who I am, and this year I’m not sick. Odd, normally I’d be watching the game at the North Park Clubhouse after our Monday volleyball league. Instead I’m chillin’ in Aruba. A bit odd.

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  1. Otis Says:

    Actually, there IS a temp agency that hires outs women for exactly this purpose. Two of my favorites come out of Houston.

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