Gettin’ Settled

Sunday, September 30th, 2007, 10:49 am

No troubles getting down here–man, do I like JetBlue. Leather seats, free TV (watched Arsenal beat West Ham on the way down, can’t even do that at home) and lots of leg room. No meal on the flight, and as I didn’t get thru security in time to eat breakfast at home I was starving by the time I landed in Aruba. I wandered up and down the beach a bit before I went to the outdoor bar at the Radisson and had a fish sandwich. And a couple of Balashis.

Posted some stuff to the Aruba blog, and then I hit the sack. Long day yesterday, and lots more where that came from over the next week. There’s one issue that might become an, uh, issue–it doesn’t seem that the Radisson has WiFi. They did last year, but this year you have to stick a plug in your Ethernet card. So I have to find someplace near the tournament area where I can hook up to the Internet, or posting might be a bit of a problem.

Time to get ready and head on down. The welcome banquet is tonight, so more players will be showing up today.

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  1. BadBlood Says:


    With no wifi, here’s something you can do: Buy your own access point. I did it when I was on vacation last year in Florida and my room had only wired access.

    They’re pretty cheap, AND, if you’re enterprising enough, you can sell “service” to other folks who need it. Just set up decent encryption and only allow certain MAC addresses to access it and I bet it will pay for itself.

    Or just be nice to fellow reporters, but that’s neither fun nor profitable.

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