Commuting To Aruba

Friday, September 28th, 2007, 10:47 am

Tomorrow I head south to cover the Aruba Poker Classic for UltimateBet. Pittsburgh is beautiful in the fall, but from what I remember from last year, Aruba ain’t bad either. I’ll be posting stuff here when time allows and, of course, you can follow along with the festivites at the Arublog, where my stuff for UB will post.

I’ve been fairly blase about the whole trip as my departure day grew closer. It kinda snuck up on me–when I left Vegas in July it felt like my next trip was a million years away. And yet, here we are. I think the fact that I’ll be in Aruba for eight days as opposed to seven weeks makes the task seem a bit more manageable. Plus I have a better idea of what I’m doing than last year, when I was fairly clueless. I won’t be doing as much live-update stuff as I did in Vegas, which should give me a chance to do more fun stuff, take lots of pictures, write more featury stuff. Bluff is going to live-stream the final table, which should also make life a lot easier for me, as I won’t have to worry about missing any hands while I’m writing stuff up. It’ll be out there on the web.

I’m hoping I can avoid getting sick down there this time around, especially as Linda won’t be there to bail me out with cold medicine. Still have to get some laundry done, go to the bank, visit the post office to have a stop put on my mail, and pay my rent. I already took Ernie to my parents’ house to hang out while I’m gone–oddly, as I was surfing around yesterday I starting going through a bunch of funny infographics from the Onion and I found this one especially hilarious, for obvious reasons:

Yeah, I don’t still hold a grudge that Wil knocked me out of the WPBT event at the Imperial Palace back in…2005, was it? Believe me, I know how to hate.

So, it’s time for me to start checking items off my To-Do list. Oh, yeah, and I gotta find out where I’m staying down there–pretty sure it’s the Radisson. Pretty sure. Yes. I’ll try to get that confirmed before I hop on the plane. I fly to JFK, thence to Aruba. And the reverse when I come home. Weird thing is, my flight from Aruba to New York is 4 hours, from New York to Pittsburgh is 2 hours? I’m wondering if the plane I fly home on was built by Boeing or Cessna.

If you read this and you’re gonna be in Aruba, I’ll be the guy hunched over the laptop in the hallway outside the tournament room. Or I’ll be the guy sticking a camera or tape recorder in your face. Don’t be shy, say hello! Do something funny and/or horrifying that I can write about! Make my life easier.


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4 Responses to “Commuting To Aruba”

  1. cheer_dad Says:


    Good luck to you in Aruba! I look forward to your commentary of the goings-on, at and away from the poker table. I’m always happy when Google Reader informs me that your blog has been updated.

    Also, thought you might want to know (since Pittsburgh’s not so very far away) that West Virginia will SOON be opening poker and table games at the existing dog tracks, perhaps as soon as November 1st, according to this article:

    Enjoy your time in Aruba…don’t work too hard. Keep on bloggin’!



  2. cc Says:

    Have a great time out there. I was just about to email you to let you know I’d be up there next week (in Latrobe on business), but we’ll have to connect next time.

  3. Drat! I’m kinda missin’ the Aruba gig Says:

    […] into him, other than a Vegas blogger event, or a single, hurried moment at the WSOP. Hang in there, Gene! Stay well and have […]

  4. InnoneChesy Says:

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