A Bad Day On The Internets

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007, 3:50 pm

Those damn tubes have been cruel to me today. I went over my brother’s in the AM because he’s getting carpeting installed in their nursery, and while I was there I cranked out a quick little post about how the Post-Gazette has tweaked their website and how I liked the tweaking. A few weeks ago I savaged the P-G over their redesign (because that’s what I do–I savage) and I wanted to give credit where credit was due and say what I liked about the changes. The font is bolder and easier to read, the headlines pop out more, and they’ve adjusted the layout so more stories appear above the "fold" and there isn’t so much white space. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement.

So I wrote all that, plus stuff about my fantasy football victory and about doing a Dial-A-Shot with Al last night, plus some other great stuff…and WordPress ate it all! I posted it and no text appeared (which those of you who subscribe to my feed know already). I didn’t have the strength to type it all again, which is why you’re getting a super-abbreviated taste right now.

I got home and did some work and, for kicks, checked out this political website that I visit from time to time. It’s a group blog run by some very silly people and last year I went all Mean Gene on them and they declared war against me. You know how in Jackie Chan films he’s fighting like 63 guys and he’s kicking all their asses at once? Well, that was me on these poor folks. I shouldn’t pick on them, fighting so far below my weight class (figuratively and, sadly, literally) is beneath my dignity…but it’s so dang fun I can’t resist.

The other day I commented about something one of them wrote (how MoveOn now governs our country, something like that) and a half-dozen of their writers posted their usual litany of threats, insults, and attempts at rebuttal. So I drank a pint of sheep’s blood, sharpened my fangs, and went to work. An hour later I had this beautifully crafted essay that was so insightful, eloquent and passionate you’d just want to hug yourself.

And what happened? Those craven bastards banned me! I didn’t engage in name-calling or threaten anyone’s life (stuff they did to me), but they banned me all the same! Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve been banned. In fact, I’m on my…seventh pseudonym. For some reason my IP only gets held up for a day or two, and then I just change my name and all’s well. Oddly, none of them have figured out that Mean Gene, Max Power, and Master Shake are all the same person (and they probably don’t get the Max Power and Master Shake jokes). But now I worry that my devastating rebuttle won’t ever deliver the rhetorical beat-down it was made for!

Sigh. Some days it ain’t worth sitting down at the keyboard. Let me try posting this and see if my luck has changed.


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