Not Your Typical Bathroom Design

Thursday, September 13th, 2007, 5:41 pm

Yesterday I was up at 7AM thanks to a cat who might find himself on the streets before too long, and after I did a good bit of work in the morning I thought about how I might spend the afternoon. Maybe take my new camera to the park and take some pictures. Sure was a beautiful day.

Then I thought, "Hey, are the Pirates in town?" A quick check of the schedule later I found that my intution was spot-on–they were playing the first-place Brewers at 12:35. A quick shower later I was headed down Route 8, camera in tow.

All-in-all, a successful trip. The day couldn’t have been more gorgeous. I had Primanti’s for lunch and two…three…four beers? Probably four. And a few of the 487 pictures I took even turned out OK:

I moved around a lot. Attendance was around 10,000 and it was no big deal sitting wherever I wanted:

And for the first time in about three years, the Bucs won a game I attended. The worst loss this year came when they blew a 7-run lead against the Diamondbacks. When it was about 55 degrees out and raining. And I was in shorts. I’ll suffer for the Steelers like that, but for the Pirates…that’s a bit much to ask.

So the game ends and, lo and behold, I’m still thirsty. So I call my brother (who works right next door to PNC Park) and ask if he’s up for a beer. I haven’t been to Jerome Bettis’ new sports bar yet (it’s located in the building I used to work in) so that’s where we went. NIce place, a bit sleeker than I imagined it would be, lots of plasma screens. I got there first, ordered a Yuengling, and that’s when I realized I needed to visit the restroom.

Here’s where our story takes a bizarre turn. I stepped up to the urinial, arranged things just so, and so began. The protocol in such situations is to look straight forward, and that’s what I did.

And I found myself through a window into the bar. The hostess station was right there, and three pretty girls were standing so close to me that I could almost reach out and touch them.

While I was peeing.

I nearly jumped back–fortunately I didn’t. See, normally when you use a bathroom, you expect some measure of privacy. And you also really don’t need any external stimuli interfering with the work at hand. Now, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that I was looking through a one-way mirror–one of the hostess turned almost to face me and didn’t scream and/or laugh.

What possessed the Bus to design his restaurant with a see-through bathroom? The only thing I could come up with was that you can see the TV’s in the bar from the bathroom. But, isn’t that why commercials were invented? Do I really need to be following the game while I’m answering nature’s call? Do I really want the guy next to me celebrating a touchdown by jumping up and down? The answer to that last question, at least, is a resounding No.

The wings were pretty good, though. The nachos resembled a game of Jenga and had too much low-quality lettuce piled on. It merits another visit, if I make it to another Pirate game this year.

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