Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Monday, September 10th, 2007, 4:20 pm

We had our final lake weekend this past, uh, weekend, with me heading up on Thursday night to watch the Colts dismantle the Saints. That wasn’t a good thing–Reggie Bush is on my fantasy team, and he gave me bupkis. As did Philip Rivers and Nate Kaeding. I am getting totally annihilated by Cindy in Week 1, with only Larry Fitzgerald to save the day. Unfortunately, she has Anquan Boldin. Here’s hoping Matt Leinart plays favorites.

But that was about the only low spot of the weekend. Friday I spent some quality time on the JetSki then came in to make dinner for the gang. Yes, everyone was so enthused about my marinated chicken and baked potatos that they stayed out on the boat for seven hours straight. But I’d like to report that there were no fatalities. We played a bit of poker that night…which reminds me of another low spot. Rick’s friend Erin came up Friday night and, naturally, I figured that I would quickly liquidate her stack and use that ammunition against Debbie, my traditional adversary. Uh, that didn’t happen. My first inkling that I might be in trouble came when she started doing chip tricks. Then, as we chatted, I found that she knew more about the underground Pittsburgh poker scene than I do. After I ran a Hammer bluff (successful) and two other bluffs (unsuccessful) I called with pocket Tens when Rick made one of his patented "I wanna go to bed so I’m pushing till I bust" moves. This time, however, he had K-J, and the bastard turned a King to cripple me. Erin then polished me off when, the board reading A-8-4, I moved all-in with 8-7. She instacalled and flipped over A-K, and of course everyone started hooting and catcalling. "Is that gonna be in the blog?" Debbie asked.

"Yeah, sure," I snarled. Turning to Erin I asked, "How do you spell your name again? Is it B-I-T-C-H?" Losing gracefully, as always. I went to the kitchen and scarfed down a cookie, hoping it would ease the pain. It didn’t. Though it did taste pretty good.

I want to go on record that, while I did think about buying these swim trunks when I saw them at Old Navy, my "good taste" gene kicked in and I passed. My friend Frank was not so fortunate…well, his wife Heather was not so fortunate:

Saturday saw my Nittany Lions talking on Notre Dame, and for the first time in about 4 years I attended a Penn State home game. On that occasion Larry Johnson rushed for nearly 300 yards…in the first half. Had JoePa left him in he had a real shot of breaking the NCAA single-game record, but that isn’t how we do things. Of course I wanted to see the Fighting Irish devoured like so many bowls of Lucky Charms, even though I’m Irish and (ostensibly) Catholic and my grandfather was a devoted Notre Dame fan.

So we headed up to Happy Valley, avoided most of the insane game-day traffic, and found a little spot for our tailgate party. Which was a cooler full of beer and some undernourished hoagies from Sheetz. We drank, we ate, we drank, we drank…at that point my notes get a bit fuzzy, but I think there was some drinking involved. Anyway, it was time to pull on the jersey and head to the stadium. It was a "White-Out" night at Beaver Stadium, every fan was asked to wear something white to the game to create an intimidating, avalanche effect. Don’t know what it looked like on TV, but it was pretty cool from the stands:

Here I am doing my part, adding about 70 square feet of white fabric:

The game didn’t start well, with Morelli throwing a pick that was brought back for a touchdown. But Derrick Williams had a spectacular punt return for a TD and from that point on the Lions just pounded the Irish into submission. They couldn’t move the ball a lick, while Penn State seized control of the line of scrimmage and shoved the ball down Notre Dame’s throat. By the middle of the third quarter the outcome was no longer in doubt, and a good thing too–I was close to losing my voice.

Gotta give Notre Dame some credit–their marching band was pretty good. Of course, when the high point of your afternoon is your marching band, you didn’t have a good day:

Sunday, of course, was the Steelers’ opener. It took all of five minutes for that to turn into a laugher. The Browns went three-and-out, or at least they tried to–their punter bobbled the ball, and in the ensuing mayhem the Browns were flagged for FOUR separate penalties. Five plays later the Steelers were in the end zone, and they spent the rest of the afternoon sending the city of Cleveland into a deep state of depression. That is one bloody awful football team. They have no offensive line, no running game, and not much of a passing game. And while their defense was able to put some pressure on Roethlisberger and held Willie Parker in check for the first half, they still gave up 31 points and got pushed around in the fourth quarter. Browns fans cheered like crazy when they traded next year’s #1 for Brady Quinn. Question–who would you rather have, Brady Quinn or Brian Brohm? ‘Cause Cleveland is an early favorite to get the #1 pick. Dallas fans had to love what they saw yesterday. They’ll be picking in the top 5 for sure next year.

But that’s next year, and this is…let me double-check…this year. We have our first indoor volleyball games tonight (league is different this year, more for fun, but still more than pickup) and we’ll be going out for beers afterwards and to watch the Monday Night games. I like summer, but I think fall is my favorite time of the year. Football. The leaves, turning. Get out the flannels and long-sleeve shirts.

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  1. cc Says:

    Are you sure that’s the ND band and not a primer for all US Americans so they don’t have to get so many maps?

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