Where’s Waldo?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007, 11:16 pm

Waldo, Geno, what’s the difference? Besides the fact that I wouldn’t be caught dead in a red and white striped shirt (horizontal stripes are NOT my friend). Anyway, I’m watching tonight’s coverage of the World Series of Poker and, again, I haven’t caught a glimpse of myself. I think I was onscreen for a nanosecond during the first bracelet event, and then I might’ve been on at the end of last week’s Main Event episode, but scene ended so abruptly that whatever I saw was subliminal.

Every show I look at the overhead shots of the Amazon Room and I’m like, "There’s Drew! There’s Zeke! There’s Tom Sexton!" Of course, that explains why I haven’t had lots of quality time on the tube–while they were on the floor getting hands and chip counts and tidbits for our coverage (you know, working), I was sitting off to the side, typing away. Next year I’ll know to stick close to Brad Garrett.

Son of a bitch! When Dan Harrington was knocked out he walked right past the table where I spent about 200 hours during the WSOP…and I wasn’t there! Or, I was there, but you couldn’t see me! Dammit! Throw me a freakin’ bone here!

I didn’t actually see Hevad "Rain" Khan’s antics at the WSOP, but having seen them just now on the broadcast…appalling. Absolutely appalling.

I did see Kirk Morrisson and Scotty Nguyen drinking champagne. Didn’t see myself around the table, though. Think I was going to dinner when that happened…I think. Like I have any clue.

Went to see Balls of Fury, and it’s a terrible movie. Of course you knew that, as did I, but it was a fairly fun terrible movie. Thought it would be better, but it wasn’t, so there we are. Christopher Walken’s overacting has extended so far into self-parody that mentioning it only proves how naive the viewer is. So, I won’t mention it. Again.

UPDATE: While getting ready to head out for a bit I turned on last night’s WSOP coverage and saw a scene I hadn’t noticed before–the hand where Sully Erna went runner-runner to make a straight and stay alive. I remembered the huge roar that went up when he won that hand…and as I watched it I saw Linda standing there and trying to avoid Erna’s, uh, tongue.

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  1. AgSweep Says:

    My kid’s on ESPN and I haven’t watched it? Doggone it there goes my parent of the year award again. AgSweep, aka Drew’s mom.

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