Reversal of Fortune, Making a Kill

Friday, August 31st, 2007, 9:02 am

OK, I finally ordered a camera. I decided to go with the Rebel XTi, after visiting Circuit City each of the last three days to look and play and fondle it. I think the girl at CC was getting sick of me until an older couple showed up and started bombarding her with existential questions (Does this camera also take video? No? Why not?). The XTi gets great reviews and should exceed any artistic challenges I put it up to. It’s smaller than the 30D, but I really didn’t have a problem with that. I never really thought about the size of my hands until now…and now that I have, I’m depressed. One more neurosis to add to the pile. I splurged on a good lens, bought a couple of memory cards, filters, and a bag. I’m excited. You thought I was a pain in the ass with my PowerShot? Wait’ll I start lugging this thing around everywhere I go. It’s so pretentious, I just love it.

The other day I wrote that I was in the middle of the worst losing streak of my poker career. I then followed that up with two of my best days ever, bringing me back to even (maybe even a bit better than that). The key hand was one of the biggest pots I’ve ever won, if not the biggest. I was playing a short-handed game (I know I swore them off, but I’m an idiot) and I was dealt Ad-3d in the small blind. All five of us called and saw the flop come J-9-4, all diamonds. Flopped the nut flush, tasty. I checked, the big blind bet, the player to his left raised, the rest of us called…and the big blind re-popped it. The other players called and I figured that something was afoot and capped it. Everyone called.

"Please, please, a blank," I murmered as the deuce of spades fell. I bet, the big blind called, and again it was raised and re-raised before the betting got back to me. I capped it, the big blind surrendered, and the other three players called. "Don’t pair the board, please," I begged…and of course the river was the four of spades. Crap. I knew I was done, someone out there had a set and filled up, so I checked. To my amazement it was checked around, and my flush took down the pot. What did the others have? One guy flopped the 2nd-nut flush, one guy flopped top two pair…and one guy had an open-ended straight draw with the Queen of diamonds. That broke whatever spell I was under and I went on a rush that didn’t stop until I clawed my way back to par. Hopefully writing this won’t jinx me.

My hot streak continued on the golf course. I went to an outing on Tuesday, picking up my sticks for the first time since…last year’s outing. I couldn’t find my golf shoes (probably left them at my folks’ place after I moved) so I wore my Teva sandals, forgetting that it’s been kinda wet the last few weeks and the course was kinda swampy. Ick. But I managed to avoid jungle rot and made it through the round without twisting my ankles.

And as Mars Blackmon might say, "Gotta be the shoes". For not golfing for a year I played pretty well, especially for me. Only had one catastrophe hole, and had I left my driver in the bag I would’ve broken 100. The last hole for our foursome was a Par 3, and they had a raffle where you paid five bucks and your ticket went in one of two cans, depending if you put your tee shot on the green or not. So I stepped up to the tee with my pitching wedge (because I lost my 9-iron at last year’s event) and skied a beauty that landed right in the middle of the green. Ran my birdie putt just past the hole and made a testy little 5-footer for par. Nice to walk off the course with three good shots in a row.

Afterwards we had dinner and drinks and a variety of door prizes were handed out. Of course I wanted to save my luck for the raffle, which was the last prize of the night, and you can imagine my delight when my friend Rick’s dad announced my name to the crowd. A nice little $315 score, one that went right into the camera fund. I will confess that when I got home I dug the money out of my pocket and, a la Pacman Jones, "made it rain" in my apartment. Quite enjoyable. And probably even more fun in a strip club. I think I understand Pacman a bit better now.

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  1. KenP Says:

    well, fondling a camera for a change should be a novel/different experience…


  2. Shelly (phlyersphan) Says:

    Congrats on the Rebel (and the reversal of fortune!) LMAO @ “Wait’ll I start lugging this thing around everywhere I go. It’s so pretentious, I just love it.” My sentiments exactly!

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