Social Media For the Shy and Dull

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007, 7:17 pm

I spent two good days at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2, talking to smart, interesting people about online media tools, the importance of creativity in a wired world, and…booze. Yes, as with the pokerblogging community I know so well, alcohol is a key component of every get-together. In fact, the only good picture I got of the whole weekend (and it ain’t that good a pic) was of the dirty martini I had at Bossa Nova.

After reading about Otis and BadBlood drinking them before G-Vegas poker games I thought I’d give it a shot. Plus I love olives. It was…interesting. I have the feeling it was pretty muddy, to be honest. The first few sips were good, but as I approached the end I found myself making a face before taking a drink. The olives were good, though. And later on I was smart enough to avoid the rather unique shots everyone was drinking. A combination of Sambuca, Vodka, and Tequila. Yes, you read that right. No less of an authority than Al said, "Oofa. That’s nasty". I passed.

It’s always fun to talk shop with like-minded people, especially when those people know about stuff you’re clueless about. At one point Justin Kownacki, who was one of the organizers of PodCamp and was pretty much omnipresent, described these tools as "social" media. Which struck a chord with me, as the personal connections you make (both online and off) are usually how bloggers and podcasters and whatnot build their audiences. It’s retail media, you build your audience one reader at a time (sometimes literally). I found myself thinking about this quite a bit as I’m not exactly the most social person in the world. I’m not a hermit living in a cave…but some days that sounds like a pretty sweet setup.

So I’m trying to get more involved in the social media world. I set up a Facebook page book a few weeks ago, I have a LinkedIn profile, I even started a Twitter account. Though I can’t imagine actually using Twitter, my life just ain’t interesting enough to post updates all the live-long day. Though I could try to MAKE my life so interesting that it’d be worth the time. I see Twitter’s uses, I just don’t know that I’d, uh, use them. Though Grubby did have a good point today about how Twitter is, potentially, a Godsend for stalkers. Let’s say there’s someone you have a deep, overwhelming, all-consuming fixation on. And frankly, who doesn’t? You’d like to stalk them, but who has the TIME? And with gas prices as high as they are you can’t keep driving around town all day to see if she’s home, at her parents’, at work, etc etc. All you’d need to do is check her Twitter feed, find a good hiding spot, and voila!

Going to these conferences always sharpens my ambition. I want to DO things. And then it took me four days to write this post. Ah well.


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3 Responses to “Social Media For the Shy and Dull”

  1. BadBlood Says:

    What kind of vodka was it? It’s VERY important to have a rather smooth tasting vodka, IMHO. That’s why the Goose is mandatory in mine.

  2. Darcy Says:

    “You’d like to stalk them, but who has the TIME?” So do you have a stalkee all picked out then? 😉

  3. Justin Kownacki Says:

    So if I find this post at 3:40 AM while vanity searching myself on Technorati… does that mean I’m actually staking MYSELF?…

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