The Post-Gazette Redesign…

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007, 6:46 pm


I mean, holy crap. It’s HORRIBLE. First of all, what’s the deal with the "Post-Gazette NOW" branding? I know the online version will be updated a bit more often than the print issues. It’s 2007, I get the whole Internet thing now.

But it’s a MESS! It’s impossible to read! You have three columns…but the center column is divided into two columns. You only have three or four actual headlines, and then you have to scroll down to see links to additional stories, with no info about what the stories are about. The top of the page is cluttered with headers and subscription links and guides no one will actually use.

Plus the site looks AWFUL. It’s all empty white space and pale, pale green accents…which are overwhelmed by the HUGE, EXTREMELY BRIGHT and EXTREMELY BIG ads in the far right column. Look at how small some of the type is–do you really want to squint and see what Reg Henry’s latest column is about? And what’s the deal with having a table showing what the 5 most-emailed stories are above the actual stories?

The Post-Gazette site was outdated and needed an upgrade. Making it WORSE took some doing. Congrats, P-G. On the heels of Steely McBeam, what is happening to my fair city?

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6 Responses to “The Post-Gazette Redesign…”

  1. CapitolMAN Says:

    I’m apoplectic. It’s totally hideous. I may need to end my camping trip in Alberta, Canada early and come home to burn down the PG.
    The site reminds me when newspapers first discovered the Internets and decided to post a crappy online replica of their front page.

  2. Dan M Says:

    We had something similarly atrocious with the Dallas Morning News. It pains me to know that some morons are getting paid BIG money to do major media outlets’ websites without understanding of how people actually use the internet.

    But then again, these internet “consultants” — the ones charging a lot to say “blogs are big! you gotta get blogs!” — are the ones getting the gigs, so maybe they aren’t the dumbest internet people after all.

  3. nick Says:

    I threw up a little bit in my mouth this morning during my daily Pittsburgh checkup

  4. Bekka Says:

    I keep wondering. Did someone look at it and say, “Great job, guys! Unreadable, cluttered and ugly – that’s exactly what we were going for.” Maybe they just outsourced their graphics department, and this was the last job of the ousted.

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