PodCamp Tomorrow!

Friday, August 17th, 2007, 9:50 pm

I forgot to mention this until…now, but PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 is this weekend down at the Art Institute. If you’re interested in learning about the New Media that’s taking over the world, you would do well to attend, hang out, and learn from some wicked smart people. I’m not giving a talk myself this time around as my schedule is a bit clogged this weekend, but I’m gonna hang out as much as possible. I’m hoping I can stick around all day Saturday. I have these bold, daring plans for this site…and so far the most ambitious thing I’ve done is post a picture of my wakesurfing. Aim higher, Geno.

But not this high–I came across a story that Bodog is branching out and will be publishing a graphic novel next year. Well, that’s nice. What’s it about?

The novel will be created by Adam Slutsky, Shawn Martinbrough and Joseph Phillip Illidge and will detail the exploits of a group of secret agents called the "Ayre Force."

The agents of the "Ayre Force" will be from the realms of poker, mixed martial arts and music – all industries that Bodog Entertainment has branched into. Leading the team will be the "globe-trotting mastermind," Calvin Ayre.

What can I say, but…wow. Simply, wow.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    The McBeam thing is just brutal. I’m a Bengals fan and therefore HATE the Steelers by default, but I don’t hold it against you. Your posts are always a great read. Here’s something you can give to any dog owner you know…The Mike Vick doggie chew toy…


    Have fun – Jeff

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