One Little WSOP Tidbit

Friday, July 27th, 2007, 11:00 am

I’m only about 9 days late with this, but you may have heard that after the new World Champion was crowned some dude jumped over the media table and shoved a microphone in his face. I didn’t see the chaos myself, as I was sitting outside the ESPN arena watching on TV. But Flipchip was there and he took this picture:

I read B.J.’s and the Geek’s posts over at the 2+2 thread on the subject but for some reason I never got around to mentioning that I played poker with him at the Rio for a few hours before the Final Table ended. A friendly enough chap, he quickly donked off $100 at our $4-8 table while waiting for the Final Table. He chatted about how he was covering the WSOP and was giving updates about the action…much as I did when Craig texted me with chip counts. I don’t recall what he was drinking, but I do recall that he WAS drinking. As I was, so I really can’t criticize.

Of course, I didn’t race down to the Amazon Room and jump over a table trying to stick a mike in someone’s face. What on earth was he thinking? Did he really think everyone was going to step aside and let him have an intimate one-on-one with the champ just because he got there first? He’s lucky the ESPN guys didn’t have him shot on the spot (their default reaction to folks getting in their way). Maybe he got off light because ABC and ESPN are part of the same evil Mouse Collective.


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